18 April 2015

pretti'fied flannel...

i pretti'fied a flannel plaid shirt
for kathy, my sister in law. 
we saw pretti'fied flannels
in breckenridge, colorado
{retail therapy opportunity}
white at a 4wheeling event
last september. 
those shirts were very simple
in their upcycled offering
with raw edges showing
and very little embellishment.
i knew i could bring it up a notch.
so i did.
kathy sent me one of her shirts
along with two sweet lengths
of crochet pieces. 

on the front and top i added a crochet
collar, a Utah patch, and two fun pins.

the pins are vintage and i was so
glad to have found them!

using vintage buttons from my stash
**i have a vintage button tin, do you**
i simply embellished the collar
which was sewn on to the existing
collar by machine and hand both.

back view. 
love the crochet..

then i measured and removed
a 'v' section from the lower back,
adding a section of crochet
and sewed the seams.
i chose some linen/crochet trim
from my personal lace etc collection
and sewed it over the seam for a
more finished appearance.

finishing the shirt, i took advantage of the tucked area just above the crochet and added two buttons, secured with embroidery thread. it defines the back view nicely .. or at least i think so. 

wrapped in brown paper packaging
and tied with a string, this
sweet upcycled shirt
is on its way

i'm now upcycling one for myself,
as a camp shirt. will share pics.

{who still wears pearls}


Cheryl said...

Super cute!

Mrs.Rabe said...

You definitely took it up a notch! Wow! I love the lace collar but the back! That makes the whole thing so special! You are very talented!

Kathy will be thrilled with it, I'm sure!


Sherry said...

cheryl .. it turned out nice. i'm happy with it and looking forward to getting started on my own!

Sherry said...

deanna in PA .. would love to see kathy's reaction when she opens the package.

Adrienne said...

I LOVE it! You did a great job. If she doesn't like it she can send it to me! Can't wait to see yours.

Sherry said...

Adrienne .. Thank you. :)

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Sherry my daughter and I do this all the time to shirts that leave little to the imagination of being cool. Your up-styling added that Feminim feel of Ralph Lauren, kind of Praiire yet rustic cabin life as well mountain lady and I mean lady! Now I would remove the vintage pins and add a blingy broche to it, and of course some tattered holey jeans and leopard print flats giving this whole pattern on pattern feel of just working together perfectly.

I would take old worn out sweat-shirts and slit them down the middle sew a line keeping it from fraying or rolling and add one center button ho,e turning them into over sized cardigans, adding som old vintage lace at the hem line and cutting an inch off the cuffs letting them fry and roll adding that worn a really tattered worn feel. A cool over sized scarf and its a fun wow look with those same holey jeans. With so many patchworks jeans making a trendy comeback why not a up-style shirt?? :))

I am so wanting to copy this idea, with the lace dolli back v- insert.


Susan at Thoughtful Spot said...


Anonymous said...

Super cute! I've seen these in the stores for a ridiculous price. Very talented!


Deanna said...

It turned out darling. I especially love the back with what you did to it.
Great job!

Anonymous said...

YES!!! yes I do have an old vintage button tin, really it is a large glass jar, but it has old vintage buttons in it, so I will call it a tin. ;-)

Sweet shirt, you did a good job!!!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!! What a kind,sweet thing for you to do. I love that you are willin and able to do special touches for others!!!! Great job!! <3tammy

Sherry said...

dore .. it's such a simple, creative upcycle to an otherwise plain plaid shirt. nice idea with the sweatshirt .. i've seen that on pinterest.

Sherry said...

susan .. thank you, friend. :)

Sherry said...

corinne .. you're right! ridiculous high prices (i've seen upwards of $60).. best place for these shirts before embellishment? thrift stores. :)

Sherry said...

deanna in kansas .. the little back 'skirt' is my favorite part of the shirt. the buttons over the tuck was the finishing foof.

Sherry said...

anonymous .. a glass jar with buttons is indeed in the same realm as a tin! vintage button girls unite!

Sherry said...

tammy .. this was a fun little project and i'm happy to say that kathy is very pleased. and to be honest, it's been a rare moment to do little things like this for others (the past couple few or so years)..

the uncommon pearl said...

So fun! especially love the lace on the back vent.

No tin here, but a glass jar of vintage buttons. :)

Sherry said...

pearl .. it was a fun little project and i'm thankful she's happy with the shirt. :)

Becky said...

Gorgeous! You are so talented! :)

Sherry said...

i copied an idea and fluffed it up a notch is all...
it is fun though huh? you should make one!