07 April 2015

the rain cometh.

adding the droplets to my thimble . .

on to other current events:

* i slept in until 5:47am. now that's news! though that also means my quiet cup of liquid life happens faster if i'm also feeding the pooch at 6, preparing the hubs coffee at 6:15 and his lunch at 6:30 .. sitting with him for a few minutes until he takes off on his stallion to fight tigers in the corporate world. then. that second cup takes precedence and with eyes closed i savor it .. 

* a few weeks back on pinterest (my other home) i found an ingenious way to collect trash while on the road. why did i not think of this? pretty bag with a liner, and one of those sticky hook thingies. eureka! 

* i'm beginning chapter 2 of Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson. for me it's not a fast read.. rather one to digest: slowly with prayer, allowing His intent of bringing your heart to life.. and living that life fully. have you read it? 

* hoping to do a bit of sewing today. i have a few lengths of linen i've been itching to work with lately.

the rain has stopped - hopefully for just a short time. 
maybe if i dance it'll start up again..........{ scary thought indeed }



  1. Why have i never thought about the sticky hook things for the car?? Great idea!! I have not read this book of Sally's Although she was a huge inspiration in my homeschoolin. Love *Education the Wholehearted Child*. God used it to soften my heart and teach me so much!!! Look forward to your thoughts as you read thru Own Your Life!! ~tammy

  2. tammy .. i homeschooled our daughter through high school and while i never read clarkson's book (wholehearted child), i picked up nuggets of her 'style' here and there. :)

  3. I've read several of Sally's books. I appreciate her very much. I love the title of this book, but have not read it yet. I do however agree with the idea of taking hold of the life God has given us, and making it our own. To be fully there in it.

    Great idea about the car trash bag! Very cute and functional!


  4. Educating The Wholehearted Child is one of my FAVORITE "go to" books with regards to homeschooling and I have seen Own Your Life mentioned somewhere else and knowing how much I love SC I figured it would find its way to my bookshelf at some point. :-)

    Is it bookshelf worthy? ;-)

  5. deanna .. i've only begun chapter 2, taking extra time thinking on the questions at the end of chapter 1. there are particular nuggets to hold close.

  6. anonymous .. i haven't read the entire book but from what i am able to consider (based on just starting chapter 2), there is much to glean. :)

  7. Hmmmmm, in the process of helping to formulate a summer book club for our women's ministry. I will take a look at this book as one of the possibilities. Thanks for sharing from your bookshelf :).

  8. pearl .. i'll be able to share more about this book in a few weeks time. let's share notes. :)

  9. I'm reading it now, but have so many other things on my plate, it's been sitting with a bookmark in place for over a week. Sally's books have always been a blessing to me.

  10. cheryl .. doing a first scan of your comment i thought i read sally's booTs not booKs. ;) would love to see the boot design sally has available....

  11. You've just solved a problem that has troubled me for too long! What to do with bits of trash in my car. Thank you for sharing this great idea. I have the hooks and I'm sure I have a lovely bag. I also need to check out the book you are reading.


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