17 April 2015

turkey ... ?! uPdAte!!

the hubs told me that this big boy's
wife was around the corner.
whew! oh hey, maybe there
will be littles on the way.

it's not too often we see a turkey 
roaming the neighborhood. 
but for the past few weeks this guy 
has called our little street .. home. 

once in a while there are groups of 
wild turkeys here and there
but never just one.

is it weird that i'm sincerely concerned 
he's somehow lost his family? 
i really am ..


  1. I wonder if he's one of the 'Canby turkeys'. We have a group of five or six turkeys that wander the streets - and yards - of town. Picking and poking for food and treats. They stop traffic and cause cameras to be busy. We never know where they will be but they are usually on our side of the highway. They have their own Facebook page, filled with photos. Babies are born and the public waits to see them appear every year. Quite a sight to see!

  2. adrienne .. i've seen groups of wild turkeys here in our town, but never just one. one lone guy, i'm sure pining over his lady love.

  3. He's so handsome! I've never seen a wild turkey that handsome, did he escape from a farm?

  4. Great photos! We have wild turkeys in the countryside here. Never see one by itself, though. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave kind words behind. xo ~ Nancy

  5. elizabeth .. he IS handsome. and BIG! if he sticks around through november.... no. i'd name him by then and couldn't possibly do the deed. wink.

  6. nancy .. thanks for visiting. i love watching the next step of building your little home. :)

  7. TURKEY!... and a beautiful one at that. Head for the hills little man or in 7 months your day will come!

  8. pearl .. i shiver at the thought. must come up with a name for this dude so he doesn't get et'.

  9. He is beautiful!!! I love seein wild animals and such in nature!! But, it does make one wonder...where yo flock

  10. tammy .. he IS beautiful. and VOCAL! ;)

  11. He's so handsome. This was a treat to see him. What a sight to see up close.

  12. Oh wow! I can remember a turkey walking around on our porch once when I was a kid. We lived in a little town of about 2000 people. I think my dad did take a pic too! haha!

    ~Michelle ^_^
    Delightful Handwork

  13. We have some wild turkeys in our area too. He is a beauty. Looks delicious too! ;)


  14. deanna in kansas ..

    every time a car would drive by, he'd fluff out his feathers BIG. funny to watch.

  15. missMichelle .. the hubs said there was a Mr&Mrs Turkey in front of our church in the parking lot, strutting slow. ;)

  16. deanna in pennsylvania ..

    them's good eatin'!

  17. Oh that would be fun if they had lil" turks you could watch grow!!!! I need me some more chickens, glory it really is crazy the peace they bring just watchin 'em!!! Hopin for babies for ya!!!

  18. anonymous .. i would love a few chickens. frizzles is the name of the ones i adore. they would be pets and named very cutely.

  19. I reckon our favorites were the buff orpintons. So mild mannered!!! Yet, our first was a common road island red named Clucky. She would sit in our lap and let us love on her :-). Such a great experience, loved my girls!! ~tammy (sometimes i forget to type my name out :-) !!!)

    1. i have a few anonymous ladies who comment so i never know who is who. i love when names are shared - even if they're a pretend name, if that works better. :)

      i heard that if you raise chickens and spend lots of time with them, they become like pets. sounds like you proved that point. :)


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