27 May 2015

garden party for 2 .. er 3.

our garden party plans began early
when the air was chill and the coffee hot.
that man was still asleep
so the planning in my noggin
was seriously in overdrive.
i was thrilled to see the temp at
7am .. 52 degrees!
{56 is my favorite}
so thrilled i had to share.
going to heat up sOon so this one's
for the memory book.

that man of mine *finally* woke and after bathing, breakfast, and a walk with the pooch, we were on our way to the new fancy dancy plant nursery in town. what a lovely place. easily, i'll be spending some time here just to look, touch, and dream. there are dishes of water here and there if you want to bring your pooch along. and a good number of people did just that. i can't envision bringing evelyn though. too protective of me. 
understatement of the year. 

we chose flowering plants for the front and back yards. seems they barely made a dent in the landscape .. more needed. 
oh yes. always. more.

the cottage. the sign says so.

prettiness in a pot #1.

prettiness in a pot #2.

yes, you see purple. 
those of you who don't know me well
don't know that i'm not exactly a fan
of purple in any shade.
but in the garden?
sure, a spattering is fine.
not in my home.
not on my person.
garden only.

* * *

that man .. my handyman .. mr muscle
cuz i'm a weakling, rolling a thousand pound
wine barrel filled with dirt .. 
half way around the world cuz
it pleases me to plant petals 
in a new location.
he's swell.

one of my favorite flowers .. 
lace cap hydrangea 

sitting sentinel .. 
ensuring all is done 
to her satisfaction.

.. sherry ..


Mrs.Rabe said...

It's all lovely! A touch of purple in the garden is lovely. I think you're doing beautiful things in your garden. Creating beauty, refreshment, and place to breathe. I always find it interesting that after God created Adam and Eve and placed them in that perfect garden, He put them to work in it.

Love you, and the Duchess, too!

Adrienne said...

Your yard is gorgeous! I love the paths and plants and the cottage is so sweet. Please come transform mine - and have a cup of tea and a nice, long chat. You can bring your sentinel to watch over the doings.

Debbie said...

I understand Evelyn. I leave Beau at home because he thinks every dog he sees wants to fight him. Maybe he's protecting me and I just realized that! Purple is so common. Picking up container plants is on my list, but if I wait any longer it'll be too late. Just this year. Hey, I have a temp gauge just like yours.
I'd like to see some of that lace cap hydrangea.

Jeanne said...

Flora and fauna food for our souls.
Love Jeanne beautiful posting as always

Cheryl said...

Ooooo, so so pretty!! I've not been to that fancy new place, yet. Well, that's a lie. I was in the store part to buy seeds and a tray and some potting soil for a biology experiment for the boy, but that's not the sort of visit I mean, and I know you get that. I want the slow, moseying, dreaming sort of visit out amongst the plants. Soon, I hope.

Sherry said...

the gardens in & of life are ever evolving..
God created gardens for good reason. :)

Sherry said...

thanks, ad. we kind of like our outdoor spaces.. like little rooms here and there. would love to come up for another visit .. and tea .. and help with planning a new look to your already pretty yard. bring the sentinel? hahaha she'd make quick work of your sweet Joey. nope, won't bring the sentinel. wink.

Sherry said...

same temp gauge?! kindred spirits for sure and for certain. ;)
evelyn is fine around other dogs if i'm not around. when she goes to doggy daycare (for days or overnight if we're away) she's hunky dory with the other pups. but if i'm around? whoa nellie.

Sherry said...

is there anything better jeanne? :)
{i love your header pic on your blog. so. much.}

Sherry said...

when you plan your field trip to that place, stop and get your favorite iced beverage from that favorite coffee place. turn off your phone. just walk, breath, and be inspired. for reals.

Deanna said...

Sherry, All looks so very nice!
I love light purples.
Your place is lovely,

Sherry said...

Thank you.
I'm loving all the gardening posts
In blogdom these days.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It is so beautiful. I love to shop nurseries. My husband gets worried if I'm there too long! -;)

Emma said...

LOVERLINESS <3 !!!! ~tammy

Sherry said...

I have $15 squirrled away for a trip to that plant place. Wink.

Sherry said...

YOU! Are sweet.

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh, oh, oooooo! Your cottage life is amazing, that sweet cottage for what ever it is used for takes my breath away, love how it's framed in with the white birch trees, old wine barrels, shrubs, and ground coverings. The vaulted arbor that frames the walk way to the cottage, and your choice of colour in plantings will add all the right kind of rightness.
Your yard is spoiled with love.

You must post more when it is completed.... I could look at this setting all day sitting in a garden chair looking up taking a break from reading and dreaming of what I could turn that cottage into.
Of course I would have to add some old rickety French shutters to the window, perhaps in wood matching the wine barrel and the weathered garden chair sitting along its side yard.

What a beautiful yard you are blessed with......do you want to trade yards?

Beautiful weekend to you.


the uncommon pearl said...

Made a trip to the nursery as well this week. Love that place too. I am with you on the purple in the garden and not in the home, though I will wear a pale periwinkle ;)

A thousand pound barrel...he is Mr. Muscle ;)

Sherry said...

i AM planning shutters for the guest cottage as well as the house..
using ASCP in paris grey, old white, and a bit of duck egg .. along with
a wet distressing. will for sure share pictures when that happens. :)

and i must say, huge credit goes to my husband for maintaining this
little yard, front and back and sides. i cannot take credit..only a smidge.

Sherry said...

thousand pound barrel ........ i dare say i exaggerated a tich. wink.

periwinkle is fine (even on me...sshhh don't tell anyone) only if it's
more peri than winkle. wink.