14 May 2015

simply spinach.

"Good food is a matchless
expression of love
it gives life,
brings pleasure,
and excites the senses."
* RC *


i had a craving for this salad
and the result didn't disappoint,
if i say so myself which i just did.
we love big bowls of greens
in varied style for dinner
and this dish ranks high on
our *love it* barometer. 
i make it fairly often.

simple ingredients made in advance:
spinach {no stems}
cracked black pepper
toasted almond slices
hard boiled egg
crispy bacon
saute'd red onion
with pepper, parsley, fresh garlic, & kosher salt
white balsamic dressing drizzle

into a good size bowl for easy tossing ..
good for the body,
good for the soul. 

what's on your table?


Mrs.Rabe said...

We love salads and this one has got me drooling! I am going to pick up some bacon this week so I can make this salad!


Anonymous said...

YUM!!! Recently when we were vacatin i tried a *chopped* salad!! Mercy me!!! Spicey sweet pecans, dried fruit, mixed veg all with a yummy balsamic (my favorite). We also grilled burgers in the Smokey Mtns. , they were excellent. That mountain air makes things special!! Your salad looks fabulous!! Hard to beat tasty AND good for ya ;-) !!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh yum! This will be on my dinner table shortly! It looks incredible. Felicia Lisa

Sherry said...

i picked up some dutch crunch bread to go along with our salad but in the end realized the salad stood alone just fine. :)

Sherry said...

spicy sweet pecans in a salad are awesome!
and somehow i think grilled burgers in the smokey mountains would be beyond delicious. it's fitting. :)

Sherry said...

enjoy! i got all the ingredients together and prepped earlier in the afternoon so that come dinnertime (for i was working on a project all afternoon) it was easy to toss the ingredients together and chow down.

Christine said...

Simple and Beautiful, plus healthy!

Anonymous said...

Sherry, it has been ages since we've last "spoken". I took a blogging break and am back to blogging. We sold our house in NJ and have moved to the mountains in North Carolina. It is good to find you again! I hope you remember me!

Sherry said...

very healthy .. even the bacon is blotted well (less grease that way). :)
thanks for visiting, Christine. i'll pop over to your blog in a bit.

Sherry said...

Gina .. your new home (the couple pictures you shared) is beautiful, and i agree about the japanese maple - relocating it. :) i'm thankful you're blogging again...

Deanna said...

Bacon just makes a salad delicious!!!

Sherry said...

on pinterest i saw a picture of a huge plate of bacon with ONE (tiny) lettuce leaf on top. the caption read: LOOK! i made a salad! haha