13 May 2015

there and back again.

i've been doing a fair amount
of traveling lately..
a few weeks ago i was
in southern california
visiting my mother, 
one of my sisters & her family,
and dear friends from long ago.

last week i flew to florida
to visit my father. he's 85 and lives alone
after the death of his wife.
wishing he'd agree to moving west
so his daughters
could keep an eye on him
and his needs. 

my beautiful and serenely sweet 
almost twenty-six year old niece
{{. sarah .}}
came with me .. 
separate flights from separate cities, 
we met up at the airport in orlando.
i was so thankful for her company.
what a treat! for me - sure, 
but especially for my dad,
her grandpa.

she's cute.
and yes, that's me on the right ..
.. like you'd have to figure that one out.
the hair? natural color.
i paid dearly for it. hmfph.

almost like having a daughter again..
shopping, buying her a few things,
ooh'ing & aah'ing over her choices,
enjoying time together,
small talk and a bit of deep talk.
and **sleep talk**.
the girl talks in her sleep!
something about
"i know what you can do with the
plastic you removed from the cups
and smoothed out."
insert unintelligible gibberish
"but i think it's going to be all right."
all righty then.

she was the other set of ears
for dad to talk with 
so my own ears could have a break.. 
and let me tell you ..
that man can talk. 

she took this picture with her phone
while waiting for her suitcase.

one day we enjoyed brunch  
where my coffee was served in this amazingly beautiful mug! you *know* my motto:
{. life is too short to drink from an ugly cup .}
so i drank from a pretty one. wink.

this is my father ..
an "old world" man of 
descent ..  and set in his ways.
beneath the crusty, gruff, tough exterior,
. . . is a cream puff.
we witnessed it 
up close and personal
at the end of our trip.
tears were shed.
 . . . . . he's lonely . . . . .
and longs for the company of his family.
again, wishing he'd agree to moving west.


he was a weight lifter & body builder
back in the day of zero steroids.
and featured in a muscle man magazine..

.. gramps & grand daughter ..

we ate out morning and night.
dad doesn't go out to eat unless
someone is with him. 
while in a restaurant he struck up
a brief conversation with a man
dining alone .. later telling us that
it hurts him to see someone 
eating out by himself. 
{enter: cream puff}

he treated sarah and i to a few pretties
from the fun shop at cracker barrel.
and might i say that the biscuits
are amazing..? 
we don't have cracker barrel
on the west coast. closest ones are in
arizona and utah, utah being a 
12 hour car ride away. ahem.


on my flight home.
a selfie. of sorts.
the hubs says i missed.
totally intentional.

with love,



Debbie said...

I enjoyed your vacation and meeting your neice and dad. Hope you can talk him into moving closer to you. My dad was the same way and refused to leave Texas when I moved to the Midwest. Well...who could blame him. But he's been gone for some years now and I still miss him.Him and his stetson. :D Glad you had fun.

Debbie said...

PS Bet Evelyn was happy to see you when you got home!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I hope your father would move back to the west coast too, to be closer to you and your sisters. What a tender hearted man, and I am sure he is relishing memories of your visit. Sarah is beautiful - it must run in your family.

Your hair is beautiful!

Sherry said...

I doubt it will happen .. and foresee frequent future visits. He doesn't fly anymore so we need to go to him. When your father passed on we're you able to keep his Stetson?

Sherry said...

Ever so slightly. Wink.

Sherry said...

He possesses serious crustiness .. the cream puff part is worth the challenge. Wink.

Adrienne said...

I'm so glad you could finally visit your father. Loved seeing you and your niece and a bit of your adventures. I'm sure he misses you. Maybe that will persuade him to move closer.

Sherry said...

my oldest sister and her husband are visiting dad right now..
perhaps they can convince him...? we'll see.
regardless, frequent visits need to be planned..

the uncommon pearl said...

Oh, what precious moments with your niece and Dad! Those are the treasures to hide in our "heart pockets."
So glad you went and do hope he will move closer to you. I can see why he doesn't leave though...memories of his wife and life are reflected...the little lace valance, the girlie breadboard...the candy jar.
It's hard and his heart must be torn from wanting to hang on to those memories and yet missing his daughters and families. In time maybe...
PS: Your hair is beautiful...always has been

Sherry said...

you're "spot on" in your assessment of my father's home and reason he remains.. i'm already planning another visit. needful. oh and my hair? i cut it yesterday.. about 7 inches lopped off. i'm sure much lighter now. wink.

Simple Home said...

You have been busy but it sounds like a wonderful kind of busy. I'm glad you were able to visit both of your parents, and btw, your hair looks amazing!!! Does your dad have a Croatian accent? My husband's aunt is from there, but has lived here since she was a young woman. She still has an accent, and 6 apartments in Croatia too :) Someday, we may visit. Have a blessed day!

Sherry said...

my father is 1st generation American but raised in a deeply old world home and culture locale. his father serbian, his mother croatian. being very old world in nature he favors the serbian side because it's his father's. he speaks the language (among other languages of that area) but no accent when speaking english. his english accent is what i describe as very Chicago/Pittsburgh, gravely, and strong. haha. :)

Shirley said...

I loved reading this and seeing Dad and Sarah's picture. I'm so glad she was able to go with you...I know it did all three of you a lotta good. Yes, more trips need to be planned to see Dad and, more trips between you and Sarah too! But, we gotta plan one with just you and me! Love you

Deanna said...

Hi Sherry.
Was nice to see your family and you with the natural hair.
I'm not a good traveler and flying scares me! So you are one brave soul.
Blessings and may you have sweet day,

Anonymous said...

What a sweet trip!! Your niece is beautiful!! I am so thankful she got to be with you and you got to share some great girl-time!!! Lord willing this visit will set his mind to studyin about movin ;-). So thankful you got to go!!!!

Sherry said...

for sure, sissie!!! for sure! all of it. 'specially you and i running away for a tiny bit. big time huggies for you, my **always** and **forever** OLDER sister. wink.

Sherry said...

deanna .. i'll tell you a secret. i hate flying. big time. but our family is all spread out across the USA and well - i fly. once i get up in the air i'm peachy.

Sherry said...

my niece wears little to no makeup... don't that beat all?! still beautiful.

GrammaGrits said...

Loved, loved your coffee cup. Any chance you know where it can be bought? Or name of restaurant where you had coffee? Unique and lovely!

Sherry said...

here's the website address .. i know there's a shop next door to the restaurant that sells the mugs, but don't know the name of the shop. perhaps you can call the restaurant..? http://310parksouth.net/

Anonymous said...

very sweet post <3

Sherry said...

i'm enjoying following along on your patriotic adventure.. :)
hugs to you and the family.