09 June 2015

campers, thunder, and bears - oh my.

and so ..
about 50 vintage campers 
and their owners gathered
at fallen leaf campground
at south shore lake tahoe
for a weekend or more of
fellowship, food, and fun.

such a beautiful spot to 
call home for a few days.
we spent 6 days there..

we enjoyed a little hike to the dam and along a portion of the lake .. only about 2 miles and rather easy terrain though i wasn't wearing proper shoes for this even this type hike/walk/stroll. 
sometimes i'm a dunce. sometimes?!

this girl joined us on our trip .. 
a 1955 boles aero mira mar 
(adopted about 9 months ago). 
she's in process of restoration. the inside is near completion - the outside, apart from the gorgeous awnings attached to each side of the trailer, is awaiting a bit of surgery in the way of stripping off battleship gray paint using aircraft stripper, a soothing acid wash, then buff and wax. she'll sport a satin natural aluminum finish when she's done. part of her exterior process will also include replacing all window seals, painting the wheels, tongue, and propane tanks. 

morning coffee?
don't mind if i do.
and i did.
we did.
a lot.

potluck saturday night? you bet.
in fact, we enjoyed every night as a potluck
night.. one organized event with the entire vintage group, then other nights with friends and nearby campers. the last night four couples brought out leftovers in the form of appetizers to share at our picnic table. a final community feast and a good way to *not* bring home *too* much food cuz we all brought loads of it!

rest? thankfully so.

the weather was incredibly agreeable.
intermittent rain showers, thunder .. 
one evening we tucked ourselves under 
the awning of millie, a 54 kenskill. 
it's my "god-trailer" since i found it for them.
they've made it gorgeous. 
anyway, we tucked ourselves under millie's
awning with 7 other nearby folks,
talked & laughed, and soon enough the rain began.
first the thunder then the downpour 
and there we were safe and snug. 
good times.
here's a picture of 
Millie and her mama, nancy. 
wave hello to nancy ...


there were bears. a mama and her two cubs were roaming the campground at night time. it's important to secure your food locker lest your fine french cheese and *all* your bacon is eaten by a rather large mammal who then held eye contact through their camper window just feet away. 
oh dear. ask millie's parents. 
they know. wink. 
we don't have a name for the 55 boles. 
yet.. ideas? 
we have a few but would like to hear yours. 
inquiring minds and all.

with love,



Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

You had me at "bears"!

elizabeth said...

I'm smitten! That photo you captured of the steam-love it!

Sherry said...

there was great commotion at the next door campsite at 4:30... and amazingly i slept through! bears indeed. ;)

Sherry said...

coffee steam is the best. :)

the uncommon pearl said...

Sounds like such a restful (minus the bear incident!) time had by all. I love your curtains, so as for a name, I would choose ***rosebud*** :)

Sherry said...

*rosebud* .. duly noted. :)

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh my, memories I too have camping with bears, yet some of us were in tents...scary!
Looks like you are enjoying yourself here.

I have to mention this is the comment I left over at The Gardeners Cottage after a revisit seeing what you replied to I ten Had to reply to yours...

Comment I left you........

Burlap LuxeJune 9, 2015 at 3:07 PM
Sherry, this chokes me up, so blessed you are for having such a caregiving father....
I had to hold back the tears reading your comment.

Love that you have the book, I will break down and get it.



Mrs.Rabe said...

6 days! Lucky girl!

It all looks wonderful! Glad it was restful for you! The Boles looks great!


Shirley said...

She is SO cute Sherry! Hmmm, the names that come to mind are...Gladys...Gertrude...Thelma. The name for my gps is Gladys but I can share if you like that...

Sherry said...

my dad's response has always been, "she'd do it for me too if the tables were turned." what a man.

Sherry said...

swOonie. didn't want to leave.

Sherry said...

hi there sissy. :) hmmm. those names don't speak to my heart of hearts. bummer.

Deanna said...

Wonderful place to camp out for 6 days. I would think this would be refreshing to get away to such a nice place. I haven't a clue what to name your treasure there. I like the pic of the lamp between the two beds. Sweeeeet. Sounds like you have a great plan in mind.
Summer's on her way and the heat was out today,

Sherry said...

The temp in Tahoe was 65 .. by the time we arrived in the valley it was 104. I must admit we considered turning around and going back to Tahoe.

Adrienne said...

I'm so happy you and your mister could take your beautiful home-away-from-home for a few days away. She is such a beauty and I can only imagine spending time with the bears nearby!

Sherry said...

the fallen leaf area is so beautiful..
and the aroma of pine and cedar and redwood is simply intoxicating.

Burlap Luxe said...

And regretfully their are far and few good men like your father. I know when my grandmother was in a care facility I pretty much visited her everyday, yet found myself missing some here and there, and days would go by and I would think to myself I have to get over there to see my grandmother....I would take her soft serve ice cream a real favorite treat for her. What your father did went far and beyond caregiving... It was endearment, and a beautiful heart.

See you soon


Anonymous said...

Oh your adventure sounds adventureous and delightful!!!! With a heapin of tastey treats!!! So thankful ya'll got to *get away*!!! My y thoughts on names....*be still*, *finding shalom*, *selah*, *honey for my heart* *let the good times role!!* I will probably be thinkin about this the rest of the week. It is important when naming something!!! :-) I love bear by the way. Love em. A little flipped out i mighta been had they taken my good cheese and bacon. My love and admiration of their majesticness stops about right there ;-)!!! ~tammy

Deanna said...

65 would be wonderful…104 harder to take. Not sure I could do the 104.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun. As for a name I like "The Gypsy" Sounds adventiurous to me.