23 June 2015

day to day... right now.

i'm quiet lately, i know.

i'm stepping softly through my days and seeking to draw in as much peace as is possible. loss is felt deeply - and i don't imaging it ever ending. God has placed me (us) here for a purpose i don't understand. but we're not called to understand. we're called to trust Him in the unknowing. so i'm learning how to trust and apparently am not a student excelling in this particular field of study. truth be told.

focusing on beauty in the ordinary...
i see tone and texture in a sink full of morning suds, 
and the sensation of hands dipped..

a filthy kitchen window and vine beyond, 
graced by a jug of prepped tea for the afternoon heat.

appreciating the vantage point of pattern..

and filtered sunlight..

and an old pew needing renewal..
much like my heart at present.

comfort food tonight..
sweet potato & russet hash
with bacon, peppers, onions ..
and an egg over medium on top.
tomato slices and avocado
on the side.



  1. Loving you from afar, dear sister. I am thankful for your faithfulness, and for sharing and helping us to remember to keep looking to Him, trusting Him, in ALL things.

    Your dinner sounds wonderful.


    1. {{{.Deanna.}}} thank you for your support and prayer.
      with no seeming closure, hard days happen.
      din din was awesome .. that man's taste buds were happy.

  2. Blessings to you each and everyday.
    Taking a deep breath, whispering a prayer, thinking about good things.

    1. thank you, deanna.
      yes, deep breath(s), prayer, and philippians 4:8

  3. I know the same feelings Sherry. Some days I do better than others, and once in a while it's a "Why God Why?" sort of day, where I try to explain how I feel about the blessing of a child that was given to me when doctors said it would not happen, only to be manipulated away from me and left with all this sorrow and grief. Like you, it is a daily work in progress, and I am a slow learner. But one thing I am positive about, is that our Heavenly Father not only sees our tears and pain, he knows what we are deeply feeling and counting our tears. He will not fail us. I too, do not understand his ways, but that does not mean there is not a higher purpose. I remind myself daily to Be Still, and know I am God. The difference is we work on a shorter timetable than he does. Prayers sent for your comfort and strength. Corinne

    1. precious Corinne {{{{{..hug..}}}}}
      while i'm SO sorry you walk the same path,
      i'm blessed and encouraged by your consistent
      focus. *be still and know I am God* ..
      needful reminder and it really sets things into perspective.
      praying for you too.

  4. We give it to the Lord and then we take it back thinking we can fix it so much sooner then he. Trust in him sweet beautiful Sherry, wake up telling him thank you for giving me another beautiful day here with him.

    Your comfort food was much like mine nights ago.... Sweet potato with unsalted butter with a brown sugar and cinnamon mix, and a grilled piece of chicken.
    The tea looks like it's basking in the sun and will be perfect when poured over ice.
    I am praying for you dear, take time to stand back and watch him work, the answers are in his quiet whispers.

    A beautiful day full of grace and beauty.


    1. **the answers are in His quiet whispers**
      ... that begs a listening heart ... isn't it interesting
      and such a sweet salve to know that if i remove
      the cobwebs and distractions from my heart and mind,
      i can hear His soothing voice.

      i'm meeting a sweet friend (who knows my story) for
      iced tea later this afternoon. looking forward to some
      time away. we'll be pouring over design samples
      for her 'new' trailer.. a 1950 boles that's being restored.

  5. Oh, my dear friend, I think of you and pray for you often! Knowing that your heart is longing to see the answer come I think of Moses' words to the people when they stood facing the Red Sea with the Egyptian armies coming fast behind them. He told them to 'stand still and see the salvation of the Lord'. You know the rest of the story - they were delivered soon. True to what God had promised. As you are standing still in these quiet moments I believe you, too, will be the salvation of the Lord in this situation. Praying and believing,

    1. seems 'impossible.' methinks the israelites (many of them) thought the same thing. i'm reminded by the passage that shares (sherry paraphrased..) that when He is finished we will be amazed by what He has done.

    2. We can't even begin to imagine!

  6. Dear One, know that you are loved and prayed for. With the most tender hugs i wish i could give you~tammy while He is silent we know He is at work, He does not sleep. Oh to know this in my heart of hearts. I do believe it, just the act of believing it is so hard for me sometimes.

    1. wish we could sit on the porch with iced tea (non sweet for me please) and gentle breezes. and simply and quietly share..

    2. What a sweet gift that would be!! <3 Non sweet it is!! Wait, do i know how ta make that?? ;-) Praying... much love.


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