21 June 2015

we witnessed love.

friday night found us 
at the wedding of
* mike & margie *
one of the most fun 
and adventurous couples,
who found one another 
a lil bit later in life.
what joy to witness
their love and commitment. 

you can see us in the back left row.
the silver and white haired folks.
that's us. hi.

we stayed out until 9:45..
and that dear friends .. is news. 


{ more later .. been a busy bee }


Adrienne said...

What a fun wedding that must have been! I can't wait to hear more.,

Sherry said...

as margie was presented, mike let out an audible gasp then broke into tears. it was beautiful. her son led her down the aisle, gave her away (along with his sister), and sang a beautiful song during communion. the reception was full of big band music, fun games led by the DJ, silly antics and toasts, and MUCH MUCH love. what a contrast to some other weddings we've attended. and staying out late (well, late for us anyway) was fun!

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet!!! It gives me hope for some in my life that they too will find love at long last!!!! <3 tammy

Sherry said...

Amazingly, they met on one of those Christian dating sites. I know five couple who met that way .. going on to have excellent marriages. Soon after meeting Mike, Margie called our pastor asking him to tell her about this man.. if his faith was real and about his character. Wow...

Anonymous said...

Sweet story. <3 Doug and I went to high school with Mike. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is a sweet story!


Sherry said...

i had no idea ... :)

Sherry said...

sweet couple. :)

Anonymous said...

I too know some who have met this way. Binging so much glory to God!!! What a sweet and beautiful testimony!!