11 June 2015

weather. & a recipe.

towing the 55 boles down the mountain toward the valley we noticed our car's temp gauge (not the engine temp but the thingy that shows the outside temp) reflecting a decided number increase .. bit by bit. tahoe was a cool 65. by the time we hit the valley floor? 104. the following graphic offers a description of the experience. you can imagine the thrill. hmpfh. 

fast forward to yesterday :: we woke to wonderfulness in the way of a light rain, cool temps, and a general overcast sky. spent lots of time outside with the pooch during breaks in the wet stuff. what a treat, this weather! so cool in fact that i felt justified to flip the oven to 375 and bake some chicken as well as cook up some pasta on the stove top. 

on our way home from tahoe we stopped at c*stco for a few necessaries, one of those being a couple of their delish deli already cooked chickens. i cut up a chicken and put it into my clay baker. then i added a drained can of roasted tomatoes, a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, half a cup of italian seasoned olives, plenty of parsley, cracked pepper, kosher salt, and threw in a red onion (chopped large) cuz it's what i had on hand. placing the clay baker lid on top i shoved the whole thing into the oven and let it do its magic for about an hour. maybe it was a bit longer. regardless, the house was smelling mighty good. then i tried a pasta recipe found on pinterest and am thrilled with the result. the pasta was a perfect go along to the chicken and the hubs was a happy camper. we have leftovers so tonight i'll saute a mess of mushrooms and broccoli and toss that with the pasta (to serve alongside the remaining chicken). yUm. here's a link to the pasta recipe: 

and ... it's my understanding that today marks an onset of *weather from hades* 
once again. 
oh joy beyond joy. 
not. no. nada. no way. 



Debbie said...

Ok. It's not THAT hot here, but it has jumped up into the hot humid 90s with storms. You must be a wonderful cook, as you just seem to know what to put together and do it healthily. Is that a word? Yes, it is now. Thanks for you sweet comment you left on my blog. Hang in there.

Sherry said...

methinks that 90s with humidity...is way worse than my paltry 104. wink.

Mrs.Rabe said...

We heated up today too! 90 degrees thank you very much. Thankfully my parents at Camp Geezer have the pool open and we enjoyed it today with the little cousins!

Your dinner sounds delish!


Burlap Luxe said...

Yesterday was a day of overcast with the warmth coming through the grayness. I loved it, today is a breezy day hotter then expected and trying to prepair myself for the heat of summer. Your meal sounds delicious, I too buy those rotisserie chickens so big and full of flavor and tenderness.

Try to stay cool... Love your diagram as to how close you are to the sun Lol !!


Sherry said...

90 with humidity, right? ugh if so.
camp geezer - love that.

Sherry said...

summer and i aren't friends. :/

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Yummy sounding meal ... today in Philly it was 93! Keep cool.

the uncommon pearl said...

80's here and lots and lots of rain! We've never seen it this green, which is such a delight not to mention the garden loving it. :) Dinner sounded delicious.

Sherry said...

it *was* yummy. :) last night i saute'd thick sliced mushrooms in a bit of butter and white wine .. and at the end of the cooking cycle tossed the remaining pasta into the pan. oh my. delish.

Sherry said...

please send rain, dearest pearl. please. {thankful you're experiencing the green}

Adrienne said...

We've been in the nineties here, which is unseasonably high for us. Some plans have been changed and others enjoyed. Thank you for the wonderful recipes. I must try them. You make it look so easy!

Anonymous said...

That image of the earth and the sun and Sacramento cracked me up!! Warmish eh?? I hear ya. The south too!!! Summer (it aint even really summer yet) in the south is just not my favorite, the other 3 seasons are tho!!!! :-) We shall endevour to drink cold drinks and sit in the shade and take it s l o w l y!!!tammy

Sherry said...

56 is my favorite but i could comfortably live with 75 as a summer temp. wink.

Sherry said...

i prefer a commercial walk in refrigerator. not that i have one, but i want one. or at the very least rent one. for me. wink.

Deanna said...

Thinking about Summer arriving this week-end made me wonder where did SPRING go? I hope Autumn doesn't arrive as quickly as Summer has. I waited for Spring for so long and realized that this year is just about half over. Deliberately will take time to slow it all down and blink.

Anonymous said...

At this stage of my life i totally understand and agree with the walk in fridge!!!! Mercy!!! A coupla years ago i bought my husband a window unit air conditioner for father's day. I l o v e having it in our bedroom for a colder nights sleep!!! A friend told me *growin older ain't for sissies!!*. I'm gettin it!!! :-)