25 June 2015

worms & the {fur girl}


evelyn took me for a stroll,
near the height of heat
and at a ridiculously
slow pace.
slugs are faster.

about a mile in 
she slowed down
even more for
there were worms
to munch. 
dried, crusty worms
that didn't make it
to their safe place
lack of hydration 
bid them farewell.
evelyn does her best
to clean the sidewalks,
thus eradicating 
the brittle things
and adding whatever
dead worms offer
to her otherwise
ample state.

by the time we reached
the neighborhood 
mailbox we were barely
walking forward.
backwards is faster forward. 
with me cajoling her
with promises of 
drinkies & a cookie
she lumbered along,
happy to reach her water
dish and give her feet a dip
as she lapped up the wet stuff.
and now? 
she's stretched out on
the cool tile .. snoozing.

she's 10. what a life.



Susan said...

Bless her. Long may she reign. :-)

Sherry said...

Her necklace reads :princess: so your comment is spot on. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is why I call her "The Duchess." She's a gem!


Adrienne said...

Perhaps the worms are like chips. Perhaps when we are at an *older* age we, too, will savor chips - the potato kind. Not the worm variety! :)

Sherry said...


Sherry said...

yes, like chips .. you can never have just one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh to be so loved that those who care for you, wait for while we eat our treats!!! A good life indeed!!! Puts a huge smile on my face thinkin about her slow mellow self munchin on crunchy worms and enjoyin it!!! ~tammy

Sherry said...

like a potato chip .. she can never have just one. wink.