31 July 2015

and away we go...

it's that time again .. 
for the annual
Trailers in the Trees
rally in the coastal mountains
of northern california.
looking forward to temps
20-30 degrees cooler,
time with old friends and new friends,
opportunity to unwind,
anticipation of evening campfire,
camper potlucks, and giggles.
this particular campground has speakers
affixed high in the redwoods,
wired for sound ...
throughout the day we'll listen to
frank sinatra, perry como, a bit of dean martin.

on our way out of town we'll stop at the grocery store to pick up what we need for our weekend. in the past we've always readied food here at home but chose to go super simple this time, buying only that which we will for sure eat and share. so we're trying a new routine. we'll see if we like it and if we do, we'll do it again. if we don't, it's back to a more extensive meal prep before leaving home.

in june i brought a large amount of cooked and heavily seasoned ground beef for taco salads the first night. there were 8 at our picnic table and after all was said and done, plenty left over to make chili the next night, for the same group. the third night was our group potluck. the last night the group gathered leftover appetizer type food and created an amazing spread .. varied and delicious and so nice for our last night (of 4 nights) camping. all in all, everyone contributed to our family style meals, making the experience that much more enjoyable. 

this rally is 2 nights.. friday night is appetizer dinner - we're bringing a sushi plate to share. saturday night is the taco bar potluck - we're bringing a huge bowl of shredded dark leaf romaine, onions, and lots of cookies for dessert. saturday morning there will be donuts and coffee at the main fire pit, then sunday ends our weekend feast with a waffle bar - to which we'll bring crushed sugared pecans, caramel, and whipping cream ..... and an insulin pump! yUm.

i'm bringing a good selection of vintage camping items and vintage camping decor .. for our yard sale table set out in our site. others do the same .. in fact, a sweet friend of mine is bringing a truck load packed to the gills of vintage wonderfulness. she owns a charming shop in the foothills called *vintage redeemed*. she finds the best junque!

saturday for about 4 hours the local public is welcomed in to tour the trailers. all of us deck our trailers out in style, adding to the effect. some even dress in period style.. 

(one of) the great things about vintage trailer camping, is that there are no big white boxes (modern trailers) blocking the campground view. even the largest vintage trailers are dwarfed by the big white boxes. 
this is not a put down of big white boxes..simply personal preference. 
it's so nice in the evening to see people outside, the twinkling of trailer lights, laughter in the air, campfires, the gentle rush of wind through the trees. we always take night time walks to soak in the beauty of vintage camping. it's like no other.. in my estimation.

while our evelyn, the precious pooch, is not a great rally dog (anxiety) she will remain home where she's most comfy, in the attentive and adoring care of auntieM. so thankful for auntieM! 

so toodles for now ..
until we meet again,
{pearls? definitely!}


Adrienne said...

I can't wait to hear all about your vintage camping ventures. And what treasures you find to bring home!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy! <3

Deanna Rabe said...

Have fun and take lots of photos to share!


Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds like so much wonderful!!!!Enjoy the cooler air, sweet fellowship, and yum-0 food!! Praying for complete healing for you neck and fabulous times together!!!~tammy

Deanna said...


Rebecca said...

Hi Sherry, I found your blog thru Brin at My Messy Thrilling Life. I love this post! and your adorable camper!

Sherry said...

so glad you rabbit trailed over here.
this is our 11th vintage trailer... and a keeper. :)