23 July 2015

away ..

and so this morning i'm on my way south
again, to my mother's to deliver furniture
and spend time with the woman who raised
me, loved me, treasures me. she's a
courageous individual and i admire 
and love her so .. and i love seeing
how her new home is taking shape.

then on sunday i drive further south to spend
a couple days .. with my dear friend edith.
edith came to the united states from austria
many years ago after a whirlwind romance
then marrying her USAF airman. their 
marriage - rare and beautiful.
we met through a mutual friend then began working
together, becoming heart to heart friends,
the kind that finishes each other's sentences.

{. family of the heart .}

edith and her hubby have a wonderful son who does important
work to ensure our safety and well being here
in the states. edith's husband is wade .. one of
the most honorable, gentle, and kind men
i've ever had the pleasure knowing.
wade died earlier this week after a difficult
battle with bile duct cancer. much too young.
his funeral is set for monday ... 
please pray for edith and her son,
and other loved ones - including me & the hubs.
but especially edith and her son.
thank you ...

with love,


Jonell Harrison said...

Just "being there" is such a gift for your friend...not really much else needed..just being there.

Anonymous said...

Praying! Safety, joy, and sweet ministry for you. Comfort, peace, and being upheld by his righteous right hand for your dear friends. ~tammy

Adrienne said...

Safe travels, dear friend. I'm praying for Edith and her son. And for you and your hubby as you give support and grieve the loss of your dear friend.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying for you all. Sad loss for Edith and her son. Glad you will be with them.

I'm happy for your mom to be building a new life!


Anonymous said...


Deanna said...

Sherry, May you have a refreshing visit with your mom. Very sorry about Wade. I HATE CANCER.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Hi Sherry. I'm praying for Edith. Having been a widow before marrying Dennis five years ago, I understand what she's going through. God bless her and her son. You left a comment on my blog, but you're listed as a no-reply blogger so I couldn't answer you directly about the fridge. I left a reply to your comment, but will tell you here, too, that it's an LG 10 cu ft, bottom freezer. I hope you have a lovely time with your mother. Hugs, Nancy

Sherry said...

what in heaven's name is a **no reply blogger**? and how do i become not that. wink.

the uncommon pearl said...

Your presence will be a treasure to your friend. Love in action <3.
I will be praying.
...Many Hugs...

Burlap Luxe said...

Never enough comforting words when there is loss, prayers for strength and comfort, may they take refuge in his tent where our Lord will comfort.

Sherry your heart is always in the right place, always concerned about others before yourself.
I love that photo of the travel bag and umbrella placement, it's make me want to travle somewhere with such traveling attire.
Enjoy your visit with your mother, take comfort in her loving arms, as for your friend Edith I am so certain it will comfort her to see your beautiful smile.

Thank you dear for your time and comment you left at my site, it always joys my heart to read from a friend who see beauty in everything and the use of different pieces...I would love to see you set up your cottage in the garden and photo shoot it so we can all shre in its comfort and beauty, if I had a garden cottage, I am sure I would spend many nights out there with a window cracked and listening to garden sounds I. The late night.

See you soon, enjoy your visit.

Blessings in your travel.