05 July 2015

good morning.

... and sometimes ...
adding a bit of beauty
to your otherwise
ordinary day, 
is an act of
to you

{ sherry }


Anonymous said...

Yes ma'am. In in turn that will likely be a blessin to others <3!! God is kind!! The beauty i find here is a sweet gift!! ~tammy

Sherry said...

{{. tammy .}} :) my hubby seemed to like seeing it while eating breakfast so it's a win win!

Adrienne said...

I need to add an act of kindness - and a thing of beauty - to my day! Beautiful - love what you added. Wish I could sit there and see it while we chat.

Sherry said...

dear friend .. you're always welcome at my table. :)

the uncommon pearl said...

There is something so beautiful when fresh flowers grace a table....especially when from your own garden. God is the best artist!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It is a gift to ourselves, and those we live with!


Sherry said...

my garden is nicely dotted with roses - thankful to catch a glimpse and scent while indoors. and yes you're right.. God is the best artist.

Sherry said...

the hubs loves it .. in fact, he put the first stem in the vase. :)