11 July 2015

linguisa .. a recipe.

some days call for a wisp of spice.
i had a couple linguisa sausages in the fridge
and put together a mighty tasty meal
for the hubs and me. 
it has a slight 'heat' to the flavor
so if you're not into any degree of spice,
don't make it. we like spice. 
to us, this is a gentle heat.
the heat is in the sausage alone,
so choose a sausage to your liking.

i sliced the linguisa thick and at an angle,
then sliced a couple zucchinis the same,
along with a medium onion. 
a good drizzle of olive oil, kosher salt,
& fresh cracked black pepper ..
i gave it a good toss and the mess
went into the same container
then refrigerated for a couple hours,
waiting for the hubs to grill it
when he returned home from work.

the moment it went on the grill
{{{don't overcook the zukes}}}
i started the pasta:

i put about an inch diameter thickness of
capellini pasta into a pan and covered
it with water (til just covering the pasta)
and some olive oil, leaving it to come to a boil.
when the water was nearly cooked into the pasta 
i added some more olive oil along with 
italian herbs, garlic, and parmesan,
then gave it a good stir. if the pasta is too dry 
at this point go ahead and add a couple tablespoons of very hot water. 

onto the plate went a  helping of pasta, then the linguisa and veggies. building toward the middle of the plate and overlapping the pasta just a bit offers a pleasing plating effect rather than serving it separated. just a tip.

.. sherry ..


Mrs.Rabe said...

That looks so delish! Is linguisa similar to kielbasa?

Sherry said...

linguisa is an italian sausage with a bit of spice. kielbasa is polish can certainly be used instead of linguisa!! in fact, any sausage can be used in this dish. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Guess what we are having for dinner tonight?! :)

Sherry said...

hope you like it! :)

Anonymous said...

YUM O!!!!!!! We grilled burgers last night, big ones!!! Cause i'd hate ta haveta eat 2 0r 3 at the time!!!! I ,for some nutty reason, have not thought of grillin our sausages!!!! Lovely idea!!!tammy

Sherry said...

you make me laugh from deep in my belly... ;)
i even grill carrots!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks so good!!!