19 July 2015

sunday morn.

i'm on my second cup of coffee. strong blend of Peet's Major Dickason, pour over method.. so rich. brain fog lifts and i'm human again .. or so i like to believe, hoping truth isn't the polar opposite and i'm forever lost in the rabbit hole.

the pooch woke me, 'nosing' my hand to garner lovies at 'zero dark thirty' then laying down for a bit more snooze. i snoozed too. up at 5 and cuddles on the couch then 6 comes breakfast. she's insistent, tail making helicopter turns and front paws dancing. she's a great dancer, that pooch.

it's cool'ish this morning. about 60 degrees though heading higher, perhaps triple digits. hopefully not. i'm ready for autumn. yes, in mid july i'm ready for autumn. a summer girl i'm not. unless i'm at the coast where it's in the 70's. wink.

we have coastal getaways planned for long weekends here and there, already reserved for 2016. sometimes we threaten to never return. but return we must for there's a job, responsibilities, real life. ohh but the coast offers restorative washing of one's innermost being.. some of those getaways are with a close friend of mine..linda, and some getaways involve a number of gals and the time away is rather lively!  there's something so very healing about listening to the waves crash and hiss. wistful sigh.

it would be oh so easy to stay home this morning, not venturing to the building where the Word is taught, to not fellowship with like minded believers... but go, we will. to gather in the harvest of His message, and store the precious nuggets of truth in the pockets of our hearts .. to envelop others in sincere embrace and relish that particular others intend the same for us.. 

so yes, we'll go. 
we'll soak in what God imparts, 
we'll hug, 
we'll chat, 
we'll pray .. 

with love to you this day,

{polka dot & coffee picture found on pinterest}
...i'd LOVE to own that scarf!
{church picture & scripture graphic mine}


Cheryl said...

Love this Sunday morning thought!

Sherry said...

This morning's message was so timely. We're thankful to have heard it in person.

Mrs.Rabe said...

It is tempting sometimes to stay home. But, that's when we say that God must really want us there this morning because our enemy is trying hard to keep us away!

Lovely photos and thoughts.


Sherry said...


Jonell Harrison said...

Oh yes I too sometime have this same talk with self saying "Self let's just stay put and not move, reveling in the not moving and not getting dressed" Thank God the better self usually wins. And I always know I will be better for having joined that special family and really been a part of worship...I hope I leave at least as much in my wake as others give to me.

Sherry said...

in complete agreement Jonell. :)

Anonymous said...

The coast (mine is the gulf of mexico (read...beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!)), and yes, God uses that magnificent creation in such a way as to nourish and renew!! I am ever so grateful!! And grateful you get to experience that gift too!!! And Coffee, yours sounds delightful, although i do not know what the pour over method is, i like the rich part!!! I do not understand weak coffee, i am like say what??? And gathering, another sweet gift He gives!! Love the scripture reference We WILL see!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Sherry said...

{{{. hug .}}}