19 July 2015

table for 4.

... and sometimes the sweetest of blessings come along. 
i've mentioned wendy and tim before ..
they teach english (as a 2nd language) in a faraway land.
they're back in the states for a few weeks and a lunch date was squirreled in to their very busy schedule of visiting near and far, here and there, hither and yon. wendy is a very special someone in our lives for a myriad of reasons..we love her so much. being married to tim has added such a fun dimension to her life .. 
and everyone they meet. We love tim too..

so i set the table for 4.

a steak knife was placed on the corner,
for it was a necessary implement
for this meal.

i cut a few flowers for a centerpiece

then the hubs and i waited with anticipation. 
hugs and more hugs!
aren't they adorable?

we consumed some serious rib eye steaks
with plenty left over for tacos another day.

simple meal really ..
grilled rib eyes
baked beans
ranch salad
thick sliced bread
& berry sundaes

we're planning for them to come over in a couple weeks before they fly far away .. they'll be gone two years. this time they'll bring wendy's folks - dear friends of ours. the hubs will grill a mess of thick bacon from our local german deli, and we'll put together BLT's to please a king. worthy of a post all its own. yUm.


Wendy said...

Your friendship is a true blessing. We had a lovely afternoon with you both. And talk about Yumm!

Sherry said...

Love you. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh your table is gorgeous!!!!!!!! The food sounds amazing!! And yes, they are adorable :-)!!!! Thankful for the joy of sweet moments like those!!!!!! God's kindness!!!

Sherry said...

it was the very best afternoon in a very long time of veries.

the uncommon pearl said...

beautiful table setting <3 beautiful people

Anonymous said...

most lovely on all accounts <3

Jonell Harrison said...

Such fun making a simple meal for special people...and all the details plus your friendship makes it so much more than just a simple meal..

Jonell Harrison said...
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Sherry said...

wendy's grown up since you last saw her, hm?
she's even more beautiful on the inside. :)

Sherry said...

thank you, carolyn.
miss you lots.

Sherry said...

you're sweet to say so, jonell.
{i removed your other comment .. you hiccuped! ;) }

Sherry said...

you hiccuped. wink.

Mrs. W said...

I want to dine at your table! Yes, those two are just the cutest! BLT's for company... GENIUS idea!!! ~Angela <3

Sherry said...

Angela .. it'd be an honor to share a meal with you and yours. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a darling couple! I can tell they were as blessed by you as you were having them with you! BLT's with grilled bacon? What an awesome idea! Freshest of fresh tomatoes, great bread...divine!


Sherry said...

grilled bacon ........... very careful grilling process, unless you want a fire!

Burlap Luxe said...

What a beautiful French setting, and a meal that feeds the soul... Such friends are rare, hold tight to healthy relationships it's a blessing to be in beautiful company and it dearly shows.

I am going to try your BLT here it look delisious :)


Sherry said...

friends of the heart become like family... wendy and tim are just that. :)