28 July 2015

when plans change.

as you well know, plans were made to visit my mother - deliver furniture and spend time with her. that happened, happy to share. two other sisters were part of the party as well and between  us (4 counting my mother) so much organization and decorating was completed and now my mother's new home is near finished. 
she's able to enjoy a view to her many loves in life.

{ many hands make light work }

i arrived on thursday. on friday afternoon, my neck muscles rebelled while stretching to hammer in a nail. spasms. severe. oh. dear. one minute wrong move can bring a person to their knees with this type pain. you may recall back in january when i cancelled my flight to visit my father due to the same type injury. this injury, while not as severe as in january, was enough to land me inoperable for the most part. i continued helping on a small (very small) scale while the two sisters did the bulk of the work. offering nails and a hammer, suggesting different placement, carrying things weighing merely ounces.. that type help. but in the end most of the tasks were completed. 
things have a way of working out.

come sunday morning, while i experienced greater mobility, i knew i couldn't make the trek 2 hours further south with many twists and turns. that meant not being able to spend time with edith. that meant not attending the funeral of our dear friend wade. i made the very difficult but necessary and logical decision to return home which 
was a straight shot north. so i returned home. 

while my heart is with edith and her son, and the memory of her dear husband, the decision was the right one. i have full confidence that if i had attended, my own injury would have somehow detracted from what was truly important. and i'm absolutely sure that edith and her son's local friends, and wade's side of the family, sought to surround and bless them - meeting their needs and 
drawing them close in embrace. i'm sure of it.

i'm planning another SoCal trip in september, 
at which time i'll be sure to include a couple days with edith.. 

so. i'm home. taking careful steps, regularly applying tiger balm to the affected area, a bit of massage, a bit of rest, laundry, etc. all in all, i'm fine and where i need to be. 
where you're most comfortable is where you heal best. :)



Anonymous said...

Oh, so sorry to hear of your recent injury. :(

Sherry said...

it wasn't one of my finer moments. ;)

Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. Glad you are home where, I'm sure, you will get better day by day.

Sherry said...

sometimes life happens, and one must hold their plans loosely (thanks to you i will always remember to hold my plans loosely). :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried physical therapy. What a gift this was to me 1 1/2 yrs ago. I highly recommend. It helps with future issues too, as they teach you how to specifically treat your issue. A great help!!! I am so so sorry tho, that you did not get to see Edith. God is sovereign and knows the perfect time for you to go be with her. September will be a sweet comforting time with her!! Rest in Him with this. ps. i love the picture at the end of your post!!! Nurse yourself well sweet lady. ~tammy