11 August 2015

a little company at dinner.

wendy & tim 
are leaving the states soon and returning to the very sandy place they currently live while teaching english as a 2nd language. i mentioned before that finding pork in that location is next to nill and the pork that is found isn't of a high quality. so we invited them, and wendy's parents, over for a pork meal. wendy's father wasn't able to be part of our little gathering but we'll do a rain check dinner. looking forward..

bacon was on the menu.
and alot of it. i figured that they
need their fill of the stuff to last a year or longer.
bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, 
& a fried egg (for the guys)
on thick sliced texas toast.

i used paper plates and napkins ..
and a length of green & white striped 
yardage as the tablecloth

a pretty & simple tablescape

the first bite sent us to our happy place

gorgeous heirloom tomatoes
and dark leaf romaine

potato salad
.. picked up at the deli ..

wendy is a fabulous chef..
and brought this incredible
watermelon*feta*basil*balsamic salad
incredible explosion of flavors

california avocados made an appearance

texas toast ..
 lightly brushed with bacon grease
before toasting on the griddle.


two kinds of bacon..

1) brown sugar bacon
lipped cookie sheet, parchment, bacon, brown sugar.. 375 for about 20-25 minutes depending on your oven transfer to a cooling rack with a piece of parchment to catch the drips. 
soooooooooooooo good. like candy.

here's the *candy*

2) pepper bacon
prepared by my grill-master hubby..
very carefully so as not to be engulfed in flames

beautiful berries
blackberry and blueberry
were tossed with 
sugar, flour, and a touch of lemon

and embraced by a most excellent crust
for a simple after dinner dessert

using paper plates and napkins made dinner a cinch
to clean up and set things back to rights. 
i left the pretty fabric on the table
along with a vintage vase recently 
given to me by my mother. 
all it needs is some flowers.

with love,


  1. Lovely - the food, the setting, the presentation, all of it!

    1. the people at the table .. like family .. was best of all. :)

  2. Candy! Lovely eye candy!!!! Oh my tummy be growlin!! Your pictures and discriptions are beautiful!! Your table is warm, welcoming, and beautiful too!!! ~hospitality love~tammy

    1. and easy to clean up!
      that candy? oh tammy. ooohh tammy. it's like potato chip (candy).
      you can't eat just one. gotta have alll the yummy candy.

  3. What a great feast! Especially for someone who won't be having pork available to them in the future. You are an awesome hostess, dear friend.

    1. and there's enough left over for the hub's lunches for a couple days. sweet. he's thrilled :)

  4. Oh my! Dare I say I am reading this before dinner and am drooling over the scrumptious, and beautifully prepared food. What a blessing for all to share in this feast! I love the sweet song bird table setting...easy, peasy, but so welcoming and colorful. OK, so as far as this must have candy bacon... that is all you do...sprinkle with brown sugar, and bake on 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes? No flipping over? How about the splattering of fat in the oven...a problem? Truly, I am sure any clean up would be worth it! Oh my! I must make this for us!

    1. No splatter no icky mess! And they bake flat...:)

    2. Oh and no flipping over.easy peasy indeed.

    3. I made the candied bacon already! I stuck a piece of this wonderfulness into my Sweetheart's mouth. He got a big smile on his face and wanted more. It is delicious and so easy! Thanks for the inspiration and how to, Sherry!

    4. oh how fun. :) we love you two peoples.

  5. That sounds amazing! We love BLT's. I may have to give your oven method a try.

    Grateful for your time with dear friends, and am certain it was special.


    1. The oven method keeps the bacon flat, no splatters, and no flipping. And... while it's in the oven you have time to do other things. :)


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