29 September 2015

bit of a break.

and i suppose ...
it appears ...
a bit of a break is happening.
i'm working on an in-depth
project that's holding
my attention for a while.
patience, grasshoppers..


  1. Take your time girl, relish in all your heart needs to tend to, we will awaite your returning with open embracement to your wonderful sense of humor in your exit for how ever long it may be?

    See you soon here or there.


  2. I hope your project is a delightful one.

    Love to you....

  3. Now THIS is a woman after my own heart. In the middle of a catastrophe, with the walls literally crumbling around you. . .just sit yourself down and have a cuppa! It's the only sane solution. (Very best wishes for the success of your "in-depth project", Sherry.) Hugs, Nancy


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