15 September 2015

kind of quiet on the western front.

i've been laying pretty low lately .. 
literally. and with good reason.
a couple weeks back i was experiencing
pain in my lower right abdomen.
thinking i pulled a muscle while 
lifting something i didn't give it much
thought .. 
until last wednesday morning,
at which time i woke my husband
asking him to stay home from work
and instead take me to the doctor.
i made the doc appointment then called
back to speak to the advice nurse
who strongly encouraged me to head
to the emergency room. he called ahead
so they were expecting me.
once there, i was quickly checked in
and tests began, blood drawn,
doctors prodded, nurses administered
care and pain med .. 
it was about an hour after my
ct scan with dye that the surgeon came
in with the news that indeed my 
appendix was rude and required removal.
so at 4:30 on wednesday i went 
night night and under the knife. 
i remember struggling to wake
after surgery and my husband asking
if i'd like an ice chip ... oh yes.
after the first ice chip i guess 
i said, "tastes like steak." 
people say the strangest things
while under the influence of anesthesia.
i went home the next day and while
i'm healing, i realize that i'm not
a spring chicken any longer and 
healing takes a bit more time.
none of this bouncing back stuff.
i'm napping a lot, walking, able
of course to do little things in the house,
loving on my pooch, and relishing 
when my hubs comes home from work.
i'm not a fan of codeine so taking
that Rx was amazingly short lived.
tylenol until i no longer need it
which will be today most likely.
my follow up appointment is friday,
so hoping for a gold star.
i'm disappointed though that 
hello kitty bandaids weren't used
on my incisions. 
i may have pouted. 



  1. God bless you dear one.... Praying for a quick recovery. We have hello kitty band aids at ourhouse would you like for me to send you some? :-) xoxoxo

  2. What rotten luck. But thank heavens they caught it before it could become something much worse!

    1. i'm thankful for modern medicine .. i'd be more thankful if my middle aged body acted modern. ahem.

  3. Sherry dear, you are loved. Boo on the appendix and on the lack of Hello Kitty band aids.

    Rest well. You were on my mind this morning and you have been lifted before the throne.


    1. {{{.. gentle hug ..}}} thank you deanna.

  4. I am so sorry Sherry!!! Lord Bless you and Keep You and heal you quickly!!! I am thankful you went on into ER!!! Thankful they could quickly get to the issue and help you!!! Be well sweet sister!!! Pray for this and the fires!!~tammy

    1. thank you for praying, tammy... means ever so much (to me .. and to those in the path of the fire storms)

  5. Oh dear! So thankful this was taken care of speedily and with care. Take care, dear friend.

    Praying for the sweetness of rest to bless you in your recovery.


    1. rest is savored. doing lots of that... and feeling non the guilty.

  6. So thankful that you're home and recovering well. Take your time!

  7. So glad you are on the mend, albeit slowly. Perhaps you could apply Hello Kitty bandages now. Just because!

    1. i'm going to talk with my surgeon about just this subject (hello kitty bandages) on friday at my follow-up appt. wink.

  8. I am glad you acted quickly and received good care. Bless your heart! Sad that this happened and I am adding my prayers to the others.

    1. thank you susan. i knew something was seriously wrong - thankful for modern medicine!

  9. thinking about you….may you heal quickly and think of better days ahead.

    1. thank you deanna. a bump in the road but onward!!

  10. Aw, Bless your dear sweet heart. I'm glad you are okay. I pray for you two and pup many nights. :) Love you

    1. i'm okay, yes. if i had waited much longer i'd be in a heap of concern. thankful.


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