13 October 2015

apple tart as art.

"The secret of happiness lies in taking a
genuine interest in all the details of daily
life, and in elevating them to art."
~William Morris

the hubs and i are part of a dinner group
that consists of high cuisine. we gather
together every 6 weeks or so and rotate hosts .. 
the host determines the menu and prepares the
main dish. the other couples complement
that dish as assigned. 
this month the hubs and i have been 
assigned dessert to finish the meal. 
so i'm testing various possible sweets,
never mind that yesterday was a 
sweltering 96 degrees. the oven was on! 
today is day 2 recipe 2. 
and i rather like it. 
rather than a bit of whipped cream 
i'd serve this lovely apple tart 
on top of a small creme anglaise pool. 
tomorrow is a new recipe. 
we'll see. and i'll letchaknow
my/our decision and recipe.

until then,


  1. It looks amazing, and I love your get togethers to dine.
    I belonged years ago to a group with friends it was progressive dinning. You start at the home with then main course, then you all drove to the next home for the following course, you did this with each party until dessert and a dessert wine to then relax and visit. It was a long night bust so much fun.
    Yours sound so much more relaxing not having to leave and everyone with a course that blends in flavors that compliment, not like a pot luck where you leave sick, because KFC does not mix with Taco salad and so on :)

    Have fun in the kitchen looking forward to the eventful dinning experiance here on your blog.


    1. we've learned our lesson about potluck foods... we're *very* careful. ya just never know. but this group is clean and careful. whew!

  2. Looks yummy, Sherry. My late husband and I used to join our close friends once a month for a dinner party just like the one you're describing. Such fun. Enjoy!

    1. it's a great way to share a love of excellent food as well as get to know others in a more intimate setting. :)

  3. Sherry your dessert is truly beautiful, like the perfect sweet rose.

    1. they turned out rather nice. :) trying another recipe today involving a pear, late harvest moscato, and puff pastry.

  4. I think it is as beautiful as I am sure it tastes!

    Love you

    1. not at all sweet. i used apricot preserves and dusted with powdered sugar.. other suggestions include cinnamon sugar, etc.

  5. That looks beautiful! I wish this heat would just go away. It sure is hard to bake when it's sweltering outside. I'm hearing thunder right now, and we've had a lightening show for the last hour. No rain though.

    1. i was done with heat while anticipating the heat last spring. i'm not a heat kind of gal. :( i heard about the thunder in your neck of the woods. my family lives nearby and shared about it as well. quite impressive i understand. but no rain. dry earth and lightening. not a good mix.

  6. I certainly 'get' the -as art- part of this. So impressive now I look forward to detailed recipe and instructions..wondering if there's any chance this COULD be deceptively easy?{I hope, I hope] It looks like a cooking MASTERPIECE.

    1. Jonell .. this is a very simple and delicious recipe and was the final out of 3 that i chose to prepare for the dinner ... and WOULD have been prepared had i not come down with a head cold. bah! will share the recipe in a post soon. :)


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