15 October 2015


many moons have passed since my dear daughter was a little one. when those days were the now in our lives she formed a few words all her own. 

lasterday = yesterday
lasterweek = last week
lasteryear = last year

i smile at the memory. she has no idea how much her sweet, gracious, humorous, lovely presence is missed. she has no idea how much she is loved. without reservation, condition, or pause. loved. truly. completely. with our whole hearts right down to those teeniest nooks and crannies only seen by God Himself.

well, lasterday was a busy day.
waking early (what else is new?) and after my quiet time, a cup of liquid life, breakfast, seeing my wonderful hubby off to work .. i set to making two quiche pies before the half&half use by date expired. i'm a stickler to never use things past their date. while the pies were baking i was in process of completing other tasks as a pleasant aroma filled my home. wondering at the smell it finally dawned on me that the quiches were still in the oven and i forgot about them! yipes! i scurried (lumbered is more like it but scurried sounds cuter so we'll go with scurried) to the kitchen and removed two pies with crusts rather well done. thankfully not too well done (as in burnt) so they could be happily consumed later. once they cooled i wrapped one for the freezer and enjoyed a slice of the remaining pie. 

auntie*M (our pooch sitter) arrived and of course i cut her a slice. then my fun friend linda arrived and i cut her a slice. there was enough left for hubby's dinner. auntie*M made vanilla scones the day before lasterday {that would be two lasterdays ago but not lasterweek} so i made sure to bring those with linda and i as we made our way on a bit of an adventure. one never knows when a treat is a required necessary. sustenance at its finest.

linda and i first stopped at a favorite thrifty store and golly if we didn't find some finds that made their way to our carts, bags, and trunk of her car. i found 6 clothing pieces - so will choose 6 other clothing pieces in my existing wardrobe to donate. the number of things coming in is the same number that needs to go out. i try. i don't always succeed. ahem. but i try.

next stop was penn valley, california .. where we would meet the seller of a vintage trailer and the owners of eternity trailer {a hubby&wife team} who would do the restoration job of bringing this lasteryear's beauty back to life - if linda chose to buy it. lots of pictures, measurements, discussion, ideas up the kazoo which of course bring the price higher, linda has chosen to allow 2 sleeps before her decision is made. she has other possibilities {one being truly serendipitous} so a wise decision need be considered. 

side note :: it's probably a good thing the hubs and i don't have a few acres of property or i'd be bringing aalllll the sweet vintage orphan tin cans home. yes. i would. without pause or batting of eye lash. and i'd put them in a circle with a fire pit in the middle and lots of chairs around the pit. it'd be our own little campground. thinking i should check on property somewhere... yoohoo oh honey!

next stop was dinner. linda treated the eternity trailer couple and myself to dinner in auburn's old town district. serious burgers, reuben (a favorite of mine .. sooo large though so brought half home in a doggy box that the dog isn't going to get) and tri-tip sandwich .. enjoyed by the 4 of us amidst the clatter and loud life happening in the restaurant. we enjoyed constant conversation before time went too fast and we needed to part ways. nice folks those folks. real. salt of the earth. honest. professional. so well suited for one another. rich in love. 

arriving home at about 9:30 .. a solid half hour past my bedtime .. greetings for the hubby and pooch .. time out back for pooch's last potty for the night .. ready for bed .. when my head hit the pillow about 10:00 and lights were out i don't remember a thing. slept hard. rare. seriously rare for a number of lasteryears. 

today is equally busy as i'm working on twenty-five centerpieces for a conference set for next week. i'm also decorating for the conference and this morning eyed my very vintage wheel barrow with the perfect patina - it needs to be part of the decor. so today i'll grab the shovel and dig out the dirt and spent plants, scrub it good and set it aside to transport come sunday evening. i decorated for the same type conference lasteryear and am honored to do the same this year. there are 4 people helping me set up with more in the wings if necessary. putting ideas together and working as a team to complete the task(s) is always a good thing.

dinner tonight? 
spinach saute' and grilled chicken

until next time,


Deanna Rabe said...

What a fun day! I'd love to shop and eat with you! My sister in law's sister and family live in Auburn. We grew up together in church. If I come to California ever again, I am making a visit to you and to her. It would be so fun.

Your campground sounds lovely.


Sherry said...

me there or you here ... one day it'll happen :) big hugs.

Miss Michelle said...

You make me giggle. I love your sense if humor. ^-^

Cheryl said...

Ooooo, I'd love to see the finished decorations in place at the conference! Photos? Pretty please?

Jeanne said...

All your postings are sweet and special. Happy Friday. Love Jeanne

Sherry said...

it sneaks up on me from time to time .. more lately. and that's a good, healing thing.

Sherry said...

youbetcha.. :) i'm amazed by how much junque i have here at home that i can use .. and borrowing some special pieces from my boss at the shop. hoping it'll come together peachy like.

Sherry said...

jeanne - you are too kind. i'll be over (to your blog) to spend some time soon. :)

Adrienne said...

Reading again - read on my phone in a place away from home. Couldn't comment then. Loved re-reading and sharing your day and your sweet memories of your precious daughter. Would love to hear and see more about the vintage trailer your dear friend chooses. When the time comes. Loved the pic of the tiny vintage trailer. Loved it all - but, then, love you, dear friend.

Sherry said...

are you aware how happy i am that you're my friend? :)

Jonell Harrison said...

I often have to revisit your posts...maybe I'm a bit slow or you are so unique-your writing style..the way you think and express what you think and see...doesn't matter, your writing style challenges me..take that as a compliment b/c that's how I mean it. Please~ I shall return to soak in more soon,promise!

Sherry said...

you're very sweet .. thank you for the compliment.
i've been labeled *quirky* by one person .. not sure it's a compliment. wink.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Love the 6 pieces of clothing in. . .6 out. I need to practice this. Cuz you know I have a very small home with a teeny, tiny closet, Sherry. Our local thrift stores have great designer name cast offs at amazing prices, so I'm always laboring under intense temptation. xo

Sherry said...

the whole clothing thing ...
do you find that you wear the same clothes over and again?
i do .. probably 10 pieces. in my entire wardrobe. eye roll.
i could reduce my closet in a big way.

Carissa Anne said...

Anna always yesterday night, instead of last night. ;-) xoxo
Thinking of you, your daughter and tender memories... praying too. xo

Sherry said...

thank you sweet friend.. ♥