12 October 2015

more trailer trash.

a few more boles rally pictures ..
here's where you see the marked difference
in year of manufacture. 
for the first annual rally there were 21
boles owners. in response to popular demand, 
i'm already planning for 2016. more people are wanting to be part of this specialized group so i'll need to cap the rally 
at 30 trailers and start a wait list. this*is*fun.

this guy. we'll call him Schneb. i've known him since high school when he sported a top hat and a smile. he's married to one of the sweetest gals ever .. i found them this trailer: a 40s boles monterey. it needed a *complete* overhaul and in doing so he changed the layout to complement their needs and desires. i'll highlight this trailer in a later post. it's nothing short of amazing.

maryann and her surfer hub john .. they've redone their 57 boles mira mar. while the same model, theirs is a different floor plan than ours as well as different exterior skin. the interior of this one is swOon worthy. that'll be a later post as well. 

while many of the rally patrons traveled
400+ miles to take part in this gathering,
i think wes & ida traveled the furthest ...
from wyoming, pulling their amazingly
rare and gorgeous boles aero 5th wheel.
this is a cool trailer. 

from the common area ..
we had about 40 feet of picnic table for meals
and mingling .. covered with some yardage from my 
stash then on top of that 4 gauge plastic which
was wiped down after every meal so the fabric
didn't become soiled. after using up food in our pantry
i saved the cans and modpodged old stock veggie
labels over the metal. once on site i got my hubs
and another boles guy to work to 
complete the flower arrangements in each can
then place each can at even measurements on the table.
they were troopers and it was fun teasing them.

this was our first boles, 
a 1971 non parleil model.
she was a beauty ..
but 28 feet long & about 
5500 pounds dry weight.

we loved this trailer but wanted
a smaller .. and older .. boles.
we found it and are delighted.
at 19.5 feet long and 3,080 pounds
she's smaller enough for me to feel
comfy towing her myself,
and large enough that my rather
tall husband feels comfy inside
the cabin. win win.

stay tuned . . . more to come 


  1. I can't wait to see the other trailers. Yours is gorgeous!


    1. so many beauties in varied state of renovation..
      these people are amazingly gifted. :)

  2. Oh it looks like wonderful fun!!!! I love that the guys helped with the flower arrangements!!! I would have loved to hear their conversation while they did it :-)!! It looks like ya'll had beautiful weather too!!! ~tammy

    1. i had to get on their case cuz they weren't *obeying* my 5 blooms in each can guideline to ensure enough flowers for each can. then they got cheesy and silly. guys. hehe.

  3. I love seeing your gathering and I can't wait to see more of the trailers and hear more! I'd love to sneak into next year's gathering. Maybe if I strip the paint from Miss Daffodil, polish her up real 'purdy' and paint 'Boles' on her front and back - maybe, just maybe, I could fool someone to think she's part of the family!

    1. two non-boles trailers were at the rally .. the real boles were undergoing renovation so couldn't partake. so i let the **red headed step children** be part of the group. buy a boles ad. buy a boles. haha


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