12 November 2015

off the cuff..

sharing bits and pieces of thoughts..
from me,
the simpleton..... 

and so, the hubs has been away this week at the corporate offices in memphis. as such, evelyn the precious pooch and i have been having some girl time. i kid around that the hubs is searching for elvis. get it? memphis ::: elvis. then someone tells me that elvis was spotted a couple miles from our house. fine time to tell me, lucille, after the hubs flew 2,117 miles away. sigh.

last week i made that 'unstructured cabbage roll casserole.' oh for pity sake what a terrible recipe. gag-worthy. i was hopeful but even the hubs - after tasting a spoonful - refused to have it on his plate. the man who will eat most anything, would not eat this. i threw it out. 

this week i tried another recipe.. scalloped cauliflower. oh yech! another loser set of ingredients wasting time and $$. i threw it out.

painting baseboards was on my focus list this week. finished the hallway and half the foyer. next week i'll finish the foyer and move on to the kitchen. they look so much better with a fresh coat of devonshire cream white paint. no more ghetto style base boards.

last weekend that man and i bought a new mattress set. our last set was purchased about 15 years ago and was no longer fit for sleeping. the first night on the new mattress i remember nothing .. NOTHING .. after my head hit the pillow. that's a good thing because as a rule i don't sleep well. haven't slept well in literally years. as you well know if you've read my blog any amount of time.

dinner tonight? roasted carrots. crescent rolls. the hubs flies in late tonight so i didn't have to prepare a full meal. i have tri-colored carrots in the fridge so got six out.. 2 orange, 2 white, 2 burgundy. the burgundy carrots are yellow on the inside. gorgeousness. 

400 degree oven. clean carrots (don't peel), slice long ways then width ways. lipped cookie sheet with a piece of parchment. toss the carrots with a bit of olive oil, fresh cracked pepper, kosher salt, dried parsley. bake for about 15-20 minutes. perfection. easy peasy deliciousness. 

it's just past 6pm and i'm having a cup of liquid life. if i need to be awake to drive to the airport to pick up my dearest darling, then liquid life is required. 

i took frozen beef bones out of the freezer the other day, threw them in my crock pot, covered them with water, pepper, salt, and about 4-5 whole garlic cloves (skin and all). it began doing it's thing at 8pm and i turned it off the next morning at 9am. the aroma? intoxicating. now the stock is in the freezer and i'll most likely make some rich beef veggie soup on saturday. roasted veggies, diced potato, saved and frozen beef. a touch of dark red wine as i saute veggies and beef before adding to the soup stock. i have a feeling the hubs will enjoy the meal.. especially after eating restaurant food all week. after a week of restaurant food he may even try that cabbage roll casserole again and go back for seconds. or not. yes. for sure not. it was nasty.

frost on the roof tops in the early morn as of late. have you any idea how happy this makes me? 

bought Christmas cards while on a quick outing to HomeGoods. darling little cards .. very understated. i began addressing them this afternoon though they won't be sent until just after Thanksgiving.

i'm studying the book of Joshua .. and thinking how we are to be living fully in the days God has us for His greater purpose, listening to His leading and acting upon it with certainty, not squandering the glory days i'm to experience now!!

and longing to go camping again .. 
sometime hopefully fairly soon.
it's like an itch that needs to be scratched.

i hope your week is moving along nicely.
God brings particular people who read my
blog to mind and i pray. may His presence
be sought and His name honored in all things.

bless each of you sweetly,

p.s. pictures from pinterest...


elizabeth said...

Your beef veggie soup sounds heavenly. I want some!

Emma said...

Ewww girl, i am sorry about those yucky recipes!!!! Live and learn eh??? I know you are glad to have your man home!!!!!! I know he is happy to be home :-) !!! The beef stock sounds delightful!! I love the pic of the campers, how cute is that!!! And, precious lady, how sweet to know you pray for your peeps here!! Lord bless you and make His face shine upon you <3 !! Just was reminded (again!!) in HIS presence is fullness of joy!! No matter what. I don't fully get that, but i know and believe it. What a kind kind Father. Much love to you dear precious sister and Christ!! ~tammy

Deborah Claypool said...

Appreciate so much your comments on your Bible study. I have been thinking about time and how better to use it but more thinking about the need to redeem the time. Feeling rushed about all things this time of the year to where I can not even enjoy it. Realizing not promised tomorrow so why do I let a countdown to Christmas upset me? Asking the Lord to redeem my day and live in the moment.

Deanna Rabe said...

Glad the hubs will be home with you this weekend! I have a tasty 'unstuffed cabbage roll' recipe that is a huge hit around here even with my kiddos. Just say the word and I'll send it to you.
I haven't had much success with cauliflower either. Going to try mashed again with some cream cheese added.

Your broth sounds tasty. I know it will be delicious soup.

Love you friend!

ps- you are prayed for too!

Deanna said...

Liquid Life is the perfect name for coffee!
Blessings to you.

Jonell Harrison said...

I am still laughing ever so quietly INSIDE...I find your writing distinctive..unique and very very interesting-I am left thinking "This is someone I would enjoy knowing" in our real world. Oh well, I will settle for Blogland. You make me smile....and sometimes laugh too!

Debbie said...

Reading your posts is kind of like hanging out with you and just talking about and enjoying life. I enjoy that! We have no food and I am not in a shopping or eating mood. I guess I'll be forced to think about Hubby, as he doesn't share my fasting mood. :D I hate shopping on Saturday. Great news about sleeping!

Sherry said...

5pm .. be here. i have dutch crunch bread to go along with the soup. it's considered one of the 100 foods you should eat before you die. really. that's what they say.

Sherry said...

when you get right down to it, He is our joy... in noun and verb form which provides the path to extend His joy to others. hugs tammy ..

Sherry said...

we've simplified our holiday months and are finding it to be ever so much more enjoyable. we are offered "glory days" in the here and now and that may mean making wise choices to make Him the center rather than events and busyness and shopping and and and ... you get the idea. ;)

Sherry said...

the hubs is swell - i sure like his company. wink.
as to the unstuffed cabbage roll recipe offering ... i think i'll stick with the real deal which is my father's recipe .. and with sarma (serbian/greek style with grape leaves). creature of habit. thank you though, deanna. :) thank you for keep me/mine/especiallyTheDaughter in prayer. means more than you can possibly imagine.

Sherry said...

a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y. !

Sherry said...

when you return to the states after your orient express, let's somehow meet up! we're (i think) in opposite sides (north and south) of the state (California).

Sherry said...

next time you make a meal, make extra and freeze one person portions .. that way when you're fasting and mother hubbard's cupboards are bare, you can easily provide a meal for him. might want to defrost it first .. easier for him to consume that way.

Adrienne said...

I'm sitting her smiling and chuckling over your cooking adventures. Love the camping photo - looks just like you two! Thank you for your sweet words of reminder that we need to savor these days. Wish I could share a cup of that veggie soup with you.

Sherry said...

that soup .. mmmmmmmmm. the hubs is well nourished this weekend. :)