04 November 2015

on the menu.


i've been journaling menu ideas for thanksgiving and have come up with what will most likely be a yUmmy grouping of dishes ~ most of which are non-traditional. more on that later ... for now i'm simply sharing our menu for the week, beginning with last night's delish offering, if i say so myself and i just did. most of the time i try to make enough to enjoy leftovers on the second night. i wasn't a great lover of leftovers a number of years ago - had to have something new every meal. about 7 years ago that changed and i've realized that if the dish is good, having it again the next night is allowed. 
not always, but most of the time. so this week .....................

tuesday & wednesday :::
roast chicken over simple stuffing
fresh green beans, steamed

thursday & friday :::
...SO horribly horrid i'll not offer the recipe!!!!!
recipe new to me: 
unstructured cabbage roll casserole
harvest salad (deep green leafy variety 
with toasted pumpkin seeds, 
pecans, and red onion)

saturday :::
bbq pork on brioche buns
sweet potato fries (baked, not fried)
harvest salad (again-cuz we like it)

sunday :::
broccoli cheese soup (with lots of broccoli)
crescent rolls (out of the can .. easy peasy)
canned peaches (no sugar added)

what's on your plate?


Deanna said...

All sounds delicious....Sunday is open for what ever.
Monday: Tacos
Tuesday: Fried Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Mashed Potatoes, Dinner Roll with Butter, Cucumber Salad.
Wednesday: Sandwiches
Thursday: Left overs
Friday: Pizza and Salad
Saturday: Spaghetti and Salad

My plate is always full!

Burlap Luxe said...

HI Sherry, your meals sound so much like home here... For thanksgiving we will do a turkey, everything I will make will be fresh, organic, and homemade... As for Christmas, it's French Hens and again wonderful gourmet like tasty this and that... I will tell you more later about it. As for left overs never really like them either, yet I have acquired a good taste for them due to the shifting of meals I now prepare for us.
And a good meal most of the time taste so much better the following day, some things firm up perfectly like certain Mexican dishes I do, or pastes French rolled and out of the pasta machine. My daughters friends always say we will eat her over any fine dinning out, of course it's all in the presentation of the table settings as well :)

I am trying to come up with something beautifully rustic this year for ThanksGiving, and giving thanks to our provider of all things good through him.

I read your comment over at Janet's the gardeners cottage...Redlands Ca. I am a bit more then a Half Hours away from there and if you take Janet up on her offer to lunch and thrift, I will join up with you too!
It would be so much fun, and we can all relate to the sa,e interest.

Well my dear enjoy your LEFT-OVERS!
See you soon.


Adrienne said...

Love your menus. What time is dinner? I could still make it for the last part of the week! On my plate is a lot of lean meats, fresh veggies, a touch of carb (rice or potato, usually) and crunchy salad.

Sherry said...

we'll be at your door friday night for pizza and salad. should we bring dessert? ;)

Sherry said...

presentation is everything - unless you're a really bad cook then presentation is like lippystick on a pig. wink. wink. ............ i'm curious about french hens.

Sherry said...

typically between 5-5:30. but i'll hold dinner if you're running late, Ad. crunchy salads are the best!

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm on my way! ha ha Oh, I wish! It all sounds wonderful and tasty!


Debbie said...

My hub goes to work in the eve around 5 and doesn't return till 3:30 am. For the last 21 years it's been this way. We have a nice lunch in the afternoon around 2. He loves things he can pack up and use for leftovers, so many of our good things get cooked early in the week and I make plenty of them! :D I often go out to dinner with ML, my best friend who also has a night working hub. It's been difficult, but when life gives ya lemons ya make lemonade. Your hubby can take it for lunch! :D

Sherry said...

the cabbage roll casserole ... ? gag me with a spoon. even the hubs wouldn't eat it and he eats anything. wow.

Sherry said...

i love how you make lemonade, debbie. :)

Anonymous said...

YUM!!!!!!!!!! Sounds delish!! My plate??? Survivial...but it is all good in a good way!!! If that makes sense?!@!????~tammy ps you be smart to plan, very smart!!

Sherry said...

even the best plans change sometimes. wink.