18 November 2015

still around .. foodie pictures.

you're right.
i've been remiss in blogging.
it will continue for a bit
here and there so i'll
post some pictures of groceries
from the pearl haus.
perhaps this will pacify
you until i find words
to share.

cappellini with parmesan and toasted pine nuts 
alongside an awesome salad boasting
homemade garlicky croutons ..

heavily seasoned pork rib, 
with a mixed slaw 
making loud proclamation 
of its cruciferous crunch ..

simple salad.. not really so very simple when
 artichoke hearts and avocado and sweet tomatoes
 take center stage to the mixed spring greens ..

pizza. with bacon. and cashews. 
and scallion. and bbq drizzle. 
and a pinch of red pepper flakes.
or two. wink.
what's not to love?
don't knock if you haven't
tried it, people.

vegetable beef soup for a chilly autumn evening. 
the leftovers are in the freezer 
for a soon to be later date.

and this stuff .. 
miracle worker in a mug. 
liquid life.
and lots of it.

"life is too short to eat bad groceries 
or drink from an ugly cup."
~ sherry ~


Cheryl said...

Yum. All of it. Just yum!!!

Deanna Rabe said...

Your groceries are fab! I am reminded, when you share these photos with us, just how simple the food can be, as long as the ingredients are good and flavorful!

You have a good gift my friend for preparing amazing food.


Sherry said...

as Alice Waters said, “When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is.”

Sherry said...

it was (all) pretty tasty, i must admit.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Prayin for you dear lady. ~tammy

Deanna said...

Agree....life is too short to drink from an ugly cup. Bring out the china!
My fav cup has flowers on it and a fantastic shape to it by Noritake Casual Gourmet.
May you have a sweet Thanksgiving.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Sherry! You made all this? Seriously? It's not that I don't think you're capable. . .I KNOW you are. It's just that I'm so taken by your creativity both in making the dishes AND in the photography. Like looking at a Bon Appetit magazine. Girl, you are amazing!!!! Hugs, Nancy P.S. All I can think about right now is making that soup. It's 10 degrees here! Yikes!!

Burlap Luxe said...

I just want to be your neighbor, so I can borrow more then just a cup of sugar, perhaps I could talk you out of a cup of stews, or a slice of your pizza :)
Dang girl you could open a cafe and I am sure it would be a hit! I bet your the chef at your camp out groups :)

See you soon, a beautiful time of year where Giving of Thanks is a given.


Sherry said...

gleaning the aroma of those prayers, dear tammy.

Sherry said...

would love to see a picture of your lovely cup, deanna.
i hope your thanksgiving is a lovely day with good smellies
and even better tasties.

Sherry said...

i cook. a lot. sometimes i assemble groceries into a meal. i love food. good food. and i love photography (i'm still learning..). you're sweet, nancy.

Sherry said...

it does turn out actually that i'm the 'chef' at camp outs. however, the last big camp out an awesome guy named rick was the grill master ... he kept everyone yippy skippy with their taste buds. :) i used to cook 3x a week for our former neighbors in trade for chiropractic care. i miss that deal since they moved. i once ran a small time catering business .. now i cater to my husband. :)