27 November 2015

thanksgiving lasterday.

five had place at our kitchen table
which was simply set in
vintage everything,
except for the napkins.
those are new. paper.
convenient. and pretty.

i love how the H2O pitcher sweated
and how the lemon, lime, and mandarin
slices in the water refreshed our thirst.

the beginnings of my
cranberry jalapeno chutney..
just enough heat to enhance
the planked salmon.

view from above..
i bought the vintage tablecloth
locally by shopping a facebook
page devoted to vintage finds.
paid $12 for this beauty.

it even came with additional string!

the pom poms are so cute .. 
and while i typically don't go for loads
of color, i'm pleased with the result.

the kitchen is near clean.. 
i'll be packing away bits and pieces of 
autumn decor today, and spend time with
my hubby and pooch. i work at the shop
this weekend so monday i'll bring 
Christmas to our home. 

until then . .



Deanna said...

Christmas is on the way!!!

Sherry said...

i wore Christmas around my neck yesterday.. by way of a necklace. :)

A Joyful Cottage said...

Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Sherry. l started my Christmas decorating today. Got the mantel almost finished when Dennis suggested a drive for dark chocolate mochas. So much for decorating! LOL

Debbie said...

Lovely tablecloth and setting. The chutney looked sooo festive and I'll bet it's tasty. We traveled over 2000 miles in the last 10 days. When I recover I'll try and blog it. Love your water idea and as you know I'll steal it. :D

Deanna Rabe said...

What a fab table! I'm certain your guests had a swell time!

I Christmyfied the house Friday and Saturday. I may do a garland on a shelf and the book case in our bedroom, then done! My Tea is tomorrow evening, and I'm looking forward to it and to it being done. Lots going on this year!


Sherry said...

you hare WAY ahead of me on the whole Christmas decor bit. sigh. i'm working a fair amount at the shop, and have guests from out of town on their way, and projects needing completion before Christmas decor can happen. dark chocolate mochas...? what a nice guy!!!

Sherry said...

steal away. :)
the chutney turned into more of a sauce by the time i lost track OF time and it cooked a bit too much to be called chutney. it was still delicious and offered the perfect degree of heat. 2000 miles in 10 days. we did that our first year married - and vowed to never do it again. YOU are AMAZING.

Sherry said...

please come Christmyfy MY house, Deanna. sigh.

saw pics of your tea. wowza .. gorgeousness and happy hearts.