23 November 2015

with 3 comes a party.

when i made apple rosettes in october a friend asked if i could show her how to make them, to which i responded 'of course!' a chance to nibble on these pretties again? youbetcha. so lasterweek while my darling was in memphis looking for Elvis at the corporate offices, i planned a little get together .. vintage camper chicks.

another friend wanted to join in and with three comes a party so i made a little dinner to nosh on before the apple rosette tutorial happened and the subsequent devouring of baked goods to hide the evidence. ahem.

with table set simply i concentrated on groceries.

quiche is quick and i usually have guyere cheese
 on hand so it was a win win for the evening.

quiche .. simply
roasted red pepper & tomato soup*
mixed greens & tomato with asiago
& homemade croutons

*soup::i used trader joe's soup in a carton and dolled it up good. put a couple tablespoons olive oil in a soup pan. mince a large garlic clove and throw it in along with a few long turns of cracked pepper, about a teaspoon each of oregano and dried parsley. when the garlic begins to turn color shake the soup carton and add the contents, bringing it to a simmer. before serving add a couple tablespoons of heavy cream, give it a folding stir, then serve.

simple fare for simple gals .. 

plated and consumed..

 and then, dessert. 
apple rosettes

a fine time was had and i'll be planning 
another get together after the new year, 
Lord willing and the creek don't rise. 

. sherry .


  1. You are simply tooooooo far away, Friend. That all looks amazing and worth a pretty penny at any cute cafe or tea room.

    1. i am to far away, i know. :( when you least expect it i'll be pulling up in your driveway, dragging my trailer behind me. wink.

    2. That would be so very, very sweet....but if you come unannounced I promise you will have to deal with a dusty house. :-)

    3. pfsshhhh .. mere details. wink.

  2. This sweet party of three spoke to me and you touched my heart. Food looks simplistic and yummy, you rock!

    1. aw gee thanks. :)
      i'm enjoying time spent with a few good friends.
      food always follows.

  3. Sherry, love the food. But love your writing even more. You are an inspiration friend...... Bev

    1. {{{ gentle hugs }}} for my dear friend .. you're very kind.

  4. Oh, I wish I could be at the next party! Mayhaps I'll just have to head your way sometime with plans to learn more.
    ~Adrienne ~

    1. the door's always open for you, ad. :)

  5. Nothing simple about delicious food! And if you show up at Becky's you'd better plan to visit with me for a year or two or three!


  6. I often have quaint little early dinners or a little brunch with my daughter and a couple of her friends, or a couple of my business friends, it's always so much fun to prepair a meal and dessert and watch them enjoy it :)
    Your meal look cookbook divine....you my dear could do your own cook book !!
    You could tie in your camp-puts, lots of fun photos and friends enjoying,
    Awww! That apple tart ? I must make some, can you show me how, I am only 6 1/2 hours away from you :)

    See you soon.

    1. quaint. i love that word. quaint .. embracing that thought. :)
      a book? hm. as a matter of fact ....... but i'll be quiet for now about that endeavor.
      i shared a link in the post for the recipe. but 6.5 hours isn't terribly far. ;)
      both my friends took video on their cameras .. i'll see if i can get it and upload.


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