17 December 2015

Christmas in the Cottage.

just a few peeks of
Christmas in the Cottage
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

this view is from summer's entrance ..

welcome .. 

messy loveliness ..

a comfy place .. a refuge 

primitive .. rustic .. a bit of color

made and gifted me the beautiful lap quilt 
seen on the vintage wicker chair ..
it's a perfect covering for a little nap.

but of COURSE we have a trailer park set up!

with sleds and skis available 
for a quick swoooosh to the lodge ..

a cubby for storing clothing 
for a good long stay, and for primping.

vintage door .. 
originally belonged in the family home 
of one of my brother in law's.

and evelyn the precious pooch ..
she adores this little place ..
for a nap or a lovie.
the bed is  high and she's
getting on in years.
it isn't as easy for her to leap
up .. so i offer helpies.
she's thankful. 

tiny swiss snow boot 
gifted to me years ago by my mom, 
and fresh cut trees
on a round sled. of course ..

elf on a limb .. 
he's up to something.

the end. 


  1. One day, I want to come and stay in your little cottage, or at least take a nap in there! So sweet!

    Lots of love!


    1. you'd be oh so very welcome. it sleeps two - so bring your hubby.

  2. Always enjoy your sweet writings and photos...and, Evie is such a love!
    Merry Christmas

    1. thank you Lucy.
      evie's at my feet (always) .. gently snoring.
      merry Christmas to you as well. :)

  3. I'll come out when Deanna is there! We will all enjoy a tea party. ;)

  4. Sherry,
    What an enchanting little tour in your warm and inviting cottage. Give Evelyn a hug and a treat from me and enjoy your Christmas break. I look forward to enjoying your posts in the New Year.
    PS elves and pixies have invaded my row-home this season! You're right they are always up to something!

  5. they're sly ones, those pixies and pals.
    merry Christmas, Vera.

  6. So sweet! I'd love to find a wee garland like yours for a tiny tree I bought for my sweet, little trailer. Or places unknown.

    1. i'll keep my one good eye open and grab a garland for you!

  7. Such a charming backyard cottage, Sherry. I love it! Evelyn looks quite content, by the way. :)

    1. that little cottage is evelyn's playhouse, naphouse, anytimehouse.

  8. I know I would immediately fall in love with your home-environment.YES!!

  9. You have such a rustic charm in your cottage home. I love the suitcases idea. My daughter, Jess, has the same thing in her townhouse. She loves suitcases I think because she loves to travel! That little elf caught my eye too, he's adorable. I have a few of my own. :)


    1. sheri .. that's our little backyard cottage. it's super comfy for guests and us, and evelyn the precious pooch *loves* it.


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