14 December 2015

Christmas Tea.

on saturday our church hosted the annual Christmas Tea for the ladies. each year the tea is open, without cost, to guests. 50 tables hosted by women in the church who then invited 9 ladies to each table. the tables were full. FULL. that means 500 women attended the tea! it was a blessing to prepare - in prayer and labor of love - to treat each of the women attending. special music and the gospel message, a short program, lovely decor, and heartfelt welcoming embraces met each guest. while i took pictures of every single table, i haven't edited those to share yet. i did however edit my own table and few extra pictures of decor and sharing the beauty of a filled sanctuary ..
 praying that seeds were planted deep.

i believe the program was videotaped 
so i'll offer the link when it is made available.

i decorated one area this year ..
the island just outside the sanctuary.
here's a few peeks:

at Hobby Lobby i found a cardboard house. with my 40% off app thingy i bought it for $5.49 then painted it using ASCP in old white. the roof received a touch of Ralph Lauren Tobacco Glaze then more ASCP to resemble snow. the tree and ornaments are also from Hobby Lobby. i painted the ornaments to complement the primitive paint on the tree. i used a dear to me (recently gifted from a dear young lady) scarf as the ground work of the centerpiece. a few pine cones, antique lace for a walkway, and tea light candles .. completed the look. and now this setting has a special spot in my own home. i love how it turned out.

men in our church volunteer every year to serve at the tea. i was spoiled this year because my darling man was our waiter!
this pic is (obviously) before the tea began.

i used coffee dyed vintage sheers as an overlay to the white tablecloth, and as chair backs. love the antique'y appearance.

i usually opt for these vintage dishes 
and using mugs for tea. 
i'm a rebel for the latter. 

my mother in law's silver, handed down to me after she passed, is a beautiful addition to the vintage dishes. and aren't those straws neato?! at each setting i placed a small orange as well as my gift to each lady - homemade granola.

carols .. 

message ..

and a very full house.
blessing. big time.

and blessings to you,


  1. Oh yes! What a wonderful tea! It really does reach deep into Women's hearts to be treated to such beauty. Many women don't treat themselves well, they don't use pretty cups, or plates they don't take time to nurture themselves and learn to look for beauty. They need to be reminded of it!

    Your table and centerpiece is wonderful. Love the little house and tree and the delightful silver.

    Well done, friend!


    1. a high compliment after viewing your Christmas Tea pictures. so beautiful. big hugs.

  2. What a wonderful event. I love your decorations and table setting.

  3. Oh, That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Dear.

    1. i wish you could have been there, Cathy.
      you would have so enjoyed yourself. ;)

  4. Oh Sherry, it's beautiful! I've had scriptural-based tea parties in my home over the years and have pondered the idea of offering something similar to our church ladies. You have renewed that passion! I will bookmark the page and look forward to your link. The centerpiece is amazing. What a blessing for these ladies (and for you, as well, I'm sure!) Thanks so much for sharing this your readers. I hope you and your family have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

    1. thank you, Cathy. :) i'm not the organizer of the event but if you have any particular questions as to how things were run, if i can't answer i'm sure a couple key ladies could. my heart is full hearing how God has met significant heart needs at the Tea. nothing short of amazing.

  5. You are so very talented. I love that house. It is probably ironic that I collect teacups but my most used cup is a small rooster mug. Unless I'm putting together a more "formal" tea time.

    1. that lil house was easy peasy to paint and make cute. :)
      i used to have a huge collection of teacups/saucers .. but realized that i almost always reach of a favorite mug. that, and housing a large collection leaves very little room for other things. and.. i rarely used that large collection. they all went to a good home. :) i do have a few cups/saucers for when i'm feeling particularly nostalgic.

  6. What a beautiful and meaningful occasion. Your decor was lovely, and so well planned. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw pictures of the waitstaff and breathed a sigh of relief that my hub wasn't part of that. :D You must attend a really large church.
    Hey, Merry Christmas again!

    1. our church is comprised of about 600..
      as to the waitstaff .. what wonderful servants with big hearts! even the "bulls in a china shop" handled delicate teapots and platters with great care. they were fantastic!! my husband was a fancy restaurant waiter in college (and a ski instructor - 'nuther story for 'nuther time) and was so cute in his white shirt and tie. i kinda like that guy. wink.

  7. Enjoying your photos and words here. I first read on my phone but chose to return and read again on my computer so I could enjoy and 'study' your photos on a bigger screen. Love everything you did - and what fun to have your dear hubby serve your table. And, thank you for 'giving me permission' to prefer mugs for my tea over my lovely, beautiful teacups!

    1. he's a sweetie.
      and yes, mugs unite!!

  8. Sherry,
    Beautiful post, beautiful photos, your table is elegant and very artistic. Love the cardboard house and I think the lovely scarf used is a very clever idea and adds texture. Granola, YUM. This seems like a perfect tea, conversation, carols and worship.
    Thank you so much for your visit and you are welcome anytime to do your laundry over tea and laughter as we chat away.
    I'm sorry I'm late in responding, its been an emotional draining week, yesterday we had to say goodbye to our Max cat, he was in heart failure. Thanks for this post, it lifted my spirits.

  9. What a blessed event, your addition to the design and decor was simply relaxed with elegance. I too prefer a mug over a tea cup, a bit of a rebel here as well :)
    The straws I am sure charmed the settings, I have them in grey and white when dun straws first came out waiting to use them, and yet have, we'll someday ?

    Love your settings I would have used my dinnerware similar to yours mixed up the flatware with my several collections I can't seem to let go of, who needs that much flatware? I gues I do, lol
    I am sure the whole experiance was a blessing to many who often don't get a chance to sit with friends let alone 500.

    Would love to have heard the music, I am sure it was glorious.

    See you soon dear, did I miss your cottage shed decked out?



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