01 December 2015

coffee table / ottoman redo.

thanksgiving morning
i finished the redo of our
coffee table / ottoman
that was once a breakfast table
from way back lasteryear.
back in 1909 (or a few years past)
we (meaning my darling) cut
the legs of our breakfast table
down to a size befitting
a coffee table. then my beloved
{and much missed}
daughter {no, she has not returned}
and i sprayed the top surface
with glue and secured a 4 inch
thick piece of foam cut to size. 
over that we stretched a length of
muslin and stapled it to the underside.
and finally over that a length of 
pretty fabric was secured. the piece
has undergone a few fabric 
transformations since that day.

the day before thanksgiving
i flipped the piece upside down
and painted the base using
Miss Mustard Seed's
Curio color. this was my first
rodeo using MMS .. typically i use
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
my opinion? loved it! MMS
mixed easily and applied smooth,
quick, and without surprises.
once the paint was dry i distressed 
edges and surface areas just a bit,
then waxed and buffed using a blend
of Annie Sloan's clear and dark wax.
it's what i had on hand and turned out
rather well so i'm a happy camper.

while the shop in which i work is a
certified stockist of Annie Sloan
Chalk Paint, we now also sell
Miss Mustard Seed. one needs to
actually use the paint(s) to offer
sound opinion .. so i used it. 
with delight, i'll use it again!

here's the paint color:

and here's the link to 
.  .  .

then on Thanksgiving early morning 
while still in our jammies we recovered 
the ottoman using a gorgeous
Waverly fabric, careful to stretch and staple, 
strategically folding and securing the corners.
..Ballad Bouquet Sepia Linen by Waverly..

i love how it turned out .. 

currently on my ottoman . .

now to finish another project,
welcome my sister and her hubby for a quick
overnight visit before they head home to
SoCal from a Thanksgiving visit to Washington.
Christmas finds its way to the pearl haus.



Tracy said...


Sherry said...

thank you, tracy... :)

Deanna Rabe said...

Beautiful! That fabric!!


Sherry said...

waverly ballad bouquet sepia is the fabric. :)
comes in different shades .. fell in love with this one.

Adrienne said...

This is gorgeous! You always seem to find the most wonderful fabrics. You should head up my way and help me with a few projects. :)

Sherry said...

i want to. you know i do!

copperswife said...

That is beautiful! Well done!

Deanna said...

She turned out beautiful! You did a great job.
Looking forward to Christmas coming to my house as well!
Won't it be grand,

Debbie said...

Hey kiddo, I love it too. Such a great fabric. I have some little projects to do also. Thanks for the sympathy and advice on pain management. It's a little better today.

the uncommon pearl said...

Love, love, love MMS paint! You did a lovely job. It's beautiful <3

Sherry said...

thanks, cheryl. :)
coffee date ....... soon. i hope.

Sherry said...

thanks, deanna. :)
simple Christmas in our home,
but always meaningful.

Sherry said...

debbie .. glad you're feeling a little bit better. hoping that continues until you're leaping from your roof to other roof tops!

Sherry said...

hi 'j'. thanks .. i really enjoyed painting with MMS!