11 December 2015

grammie & evie.

Evelyn the precious pooch
is excited to once again 
share her bed with 
Grammie this Christmas.
(here they are in 2013)


Deanna Rabe said...

Love this so much!

And I love you friend!



Deanna said...

All the best to you this Christmas,

Sherry said...

i love you too, deanna. :)
hoping there's enough room on the bed for grammie.

Sherry said...

merry Christmas dear deanna. :)

Debbie said...

That is such a lovely picture! However, I'll have to be careful that Beau doesn't see this. He's been booted from the bed to his own bed on the floor. I assured him that it is a common occurance. Ssshhhh!

Sherry said...

the hubs refuses to allow evelyn access to our bed. :( he's a meanie! at 75 pounds i doubt very much she'd take up too much room. sigh. ;)

Susan at Thoughtful Spot said...

that sweet hand. . .that black nose. . .melting

Sherry said...

she's such a sweetheart. the dog *and* the grammie.

Jonell Harrison said...

Pretty lady & nice fur friend- thanks for stopping by like gramma's house and leaving a note -anyone who takes a minute for friends [even on the enternet] at this time of year would be a great neighbor..btw the tree did get dressed now I only have to make everything look company ready and sit down to enjoy..I like to leave it up until around Jan 10th....dunno why~will post a picture on fb

Sherry said...

i look forward to seeing a view of your tree, jonell! :) maybe remove the Christmas ornaments come january 10th and replace them with valentine hearts. then in spring change them out again. you *could* theoretically leave the tree up ALL year. why not?! :)