03 December 2015

in memory.

it's the world in which we now live . .
this hatred and quest to destroy
those who are innocent.
san bernardino, california
was the site (yesterday) such
hatred was spewed on people
enjoying a holiday party.
those people? worked with the
developmentally disabled.
14 dead, 17 wounded ..

this current atrocity happened in a city next to the one i was raised from age 10+. and the home being investigated and bombs dismantled is in the city i was raised those years. and that home? just around the corner from my home before i married my darling. small world. very small.

the perpetrators? 2 'dealt with' and 1 in custody. i won't offer their names on my blog .. they aren't worth the bandwidth. 

as terrible as the attack is, it could happen anywhere - and almost always where least expected. as a friend shared, our world is getting smaller and smaller - so it seems. prayer heavenward for recovery of those wounded .. and for the loved ones of those who lost their lives. 

may each of us consider our days carefully..

with love,

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