16 January 2016

cruciferous crUnch.

rest assured this is not becoming a food blog. however, sharing a few note worthy dishes is something i'm interested in at present so i'm hoping you don't mind too terribly. if you do, be patient and i'll post something news worthy rather than note worthy .. soon.

recently i put together a delish salad and felt compelled to share the simplicity of process with you so you can grace your table and delight your own taste buds with such a bounty of greens..
here we go... 

gather together an avocado, a couple oranges, toasted pumpkin seeds, and pepper. that's it. oh! and this stuff .. 
cruciferous crunch from TJ's.
i used half a bag to go with the main entree.
there's just two of us at the pearl*haus but we're big salad eaters and the half bag was generous. tonight we'll enjoy the salad 
(made fresh) with the leftover entree.

in fact, all the ingredients 
for this salad was purchased 
at my local Trader Joe's! 

slice the avocado, remove the rind of one and a half 
oranges then slice - reserving the last half. 
into a bowl portion out half the bag of cruciferous crunch. on top of that add the avocado, orange, and pumpkin seeds. give it a few good turns of cracked pepper. using a hand held juicer drizzle the juice of half an orange over the top of the salad. 
i use one like this:

and that my friends, 
is a healthy, quickly prepared, and fresh salad! 

until next time..


  1. Beautiful postings always my sweet friend.
    Love and hugs
    Thanks so much for your kind wishes

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  3. You are speaking my language here Sherry, I am a big fan of greens and can't get enough of them. I eat more salads then not, not because I think they are the healthiest ? But I just love the crunch and cold fresh taste of a good salad, I am going to try this one with the orange juice.

    I often make a dressing to taste using.... minced or grated garlic cloves, olive oil, Lemmon fresh squeeze, and a couple of teaspoons of honey, mix the dressing in a shaker jar and toss it all over a hearty salad for our dinning and the dressing is so tasty you over eat on a salad for that very reason. I will add all kinds of tasty greens, and radish, and avacado, and even sometimes grilled chicken, of shrimp, even a piece of grilled Salmon on top of the bedded salad.

    Keep up with the food, I don't mind at all, and maybe a few garden shots, or table settings :)

    See you soon.


    1. thanks for the idea of placing a piece of grilled salmon over a bed of greens. i'm thinking arugula - - and will do that this week. :)

    2. Grilled salmon over arugula is excellent! I've done it.

  4. Sherry,
    I love that mix from Trader Joe's and your salad is one I will make, looks colorful and yummy.

    1. my sister and her husband visited.. she isn't a kale eating individual and didn't know kale was in this salad. she *loved* the salad. then i informed her of the kale. awesome. ;)

  5. Ooooo, this salad looks good, Sherry. I love avocados, and I usually put sunflower seeds over my salads, but never pumpkin seeds. I'll have to try that. And the oranges add a little something too.

    Have a peaceful weekend.


    1. avocados and i are the best of friends. when i was a young girl we had three avocado trees in the back yard. gazillions of the luscious fruit!


  6. So incredibly appetizing [tempting] loving the mix of colors and textures -sweet, nutty etc. An the Avacados -I just learned this a.m. that you can freeze avacados..true. [on a food network show].

    1. it plates beautifully, i must say. :)
      you can freeze avocados?!?!?!
      googling this now.......

  7. I feel as if I always say yummy! but wowie, girl! That looks so good! I am a huge salad fan! Delightful eats at your place!


  8. oh Ya make me hungry woman!!!! Looks absolutely lovely!!~tammy

    1. tonight i made roasted vegetable soup..
      recipe coming soon.

  9. This looks outrageously delicious and healthy too! I must grab a bag of the crunchy greens when I am in TJ's. I'm a fan of TJ's too. In fact, feel kind of like a regular there when their employees know if I've missed a week ;)

    1. i have my favorite checker who knows my name, and i his.
      do you have go-to-favorite items at tj's?


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