25 January 2016


buying new pillow covers
and adding a couple new pillows
to the mix as well as
new sheets (soft gray!) 
has offered a new
look to our bed(room).
my hub's mother painted the roses.

the curtains complete the look
we were going for ..
spa style. our kind of spa style.

from the bathroom
toward the bedroom

i completed my painting project
for the master bathroom
but still need to put the cupboard
doors on their bases.
will share pictures soon..

and i took time to go through my dresser and ended up with 4 filled to the brim grocery bags of clothing i haven't worn in well over a year. then i rearranged the remaining clothing pieces 
so my choices will be easy peasy in the mornings though i much prefer wearing a white cotton nighty with a sweater, and my crocs. and pearls. always pearls.

hope your monday 
is one for the memory books. 



  1. Lovely room. Beautiful roses. You have great taste. Pearls and all.
    Wish my bedroom were as clean and orderly. You're an inspiration!

    1. i shoved some junque to one corner when i took the picture.. i don't have a chair in the bedroom cuz it'd end up holding all that junque. it's a constant battle with me.

  2. Looking gorgeous Sherry! I love your color combination, looks stunning and the beautiful painting is perfect. I too enjoyed the January white sales on bedding.

    1. golly .. i found myself in HomeGoods (it's right next to trader joe's so...) and saw the pillows and sheets and couldn't help myself. the main colors in our home are a subdued yellow, and cream. i'm keeping the theme t/o.

  3. A sleepless night has brought me here sweet beautiful Sherry, so glad I could not sleep, your room is a great interuptaion of a spa, a bit of modern geometries that anchor the rustic of your furniture pieces.
    I love your canopy pencil post bed, I actually had one many years ago I purchased in the 80's from Ethan Allen when shaker farmhouse with folkart accessories was all the trend... I miss that Amish feel I went for rusticly... I ended up painting my pencil post bed black and later in the early 90's sold it to go English Cottage.
    I could see the ceiling of your bedroom done in planked wood, and a rustic chandelier.
    I have a dear friend who still has your bed style and has added French pieces, with using blacks, grey's and whites in her sweet rustic cottage.
    It feel so cozy homey here, sweet dreams.

    I think now I can perhaps fall asleep!
    Talk soon.


    1. this bed, armoir, and my dresser/mirror that's not in the picture, are all from ethan allen circa 1989! i'd one day love to paint the pieces but the hubs won't hear of it - so i work with it and do love it as is.

      and yes! planked ceiling and a thougthful chandelier! we're not planning to remain in the house after 2 more years (or less) so we're choosing our changes carefully. if we were going to stay here there'd be ALL sorts of goings on!! :)

    2. I had a feeling your bed was like mine and my friends... She bought hers also from Ethan Allen after I purchased mine... I did not want to come right out and say Hey SHERRY is that an Ethan Allen, it was from their country craftsman line I believe, I had a house full of their pieces back in the early 80's as you know well that's when they produced some of the finest pieces out there.
      I will dig up some old photos if I can find them and email them to you, I layered with old quilts. It felt like I was staying at an Amish B&B that is if they had one lol !

      Yes I am sure if you stay in this home you will do great things that include a now look to your timeless pencil post bed.
      Funny we had the same taste back then :)

      Wish you were closer to us, my Mom is moving to Hawaii and selling so cheap all the line of her Ethan Allen she has all the dinning room that went with that line, and the library units, each at like a $100.00 each. She has every room in her home Ethan as well, She just wants it all gone so she can go very black and lime, and yellow Very now tropical, British isles.

      Talk soon.

  4. The pillows and covers and painting are beautifully put together!! Very peaceful. And gettin rid a stuff is ALWAYS good!!! Ya made me smile, i too wear my crocs round the house!!! And my cover is my zip hoodie instead of a sweater over my gown :-)!!! Love it!!!~tammy

    1. croc'y girls unite!!!!!!!!!
      i feel so much free'r with less stuff.
      and NO desire to go shopping to fill it
      back up again.

    2. I have to chime in here... I too am dressed in my Crocs on a daily creative day... Wonderful on the tile floors.... So glad crocs have made a come back as to not being the " not what to wear" if they are good enough for little Prince Geoge, good enough for us :)


  5. Love it! When you're finished you can head my way and help me haul off a ton of stuff so my home is simple and free! It's in the process but going slow. Life keeps taking me other directions but it will happen. I'd love to paint the vintage bedroom set that belonged to my sweetheart's parents but he won't hear of it. So - it remains the way it came to us. I'm thinking of using something to 'wake' it up a bit. The gorgeous oak patina seems to have gotten a bit tired!

    1. it's so freeing. you won't regret downsizing and won't remember the junque you got rid of...i promise!

      as to the warm toned wood and wanting to paint it ... work with it, adding or changing elements or colors in the room to embrace and uplift. :)

  6. Very lovely. Peaceful, restful.

    I've been letting things go too. I don't need it all. Finding that I don't feel the need anymore to hold on to 'everything' just in case. I can trust the Lord to provide what I need.


  7. Love your color choice of bedding. It compliments the sweet painting so well. I can't wait to see your bathroom remodel! Been away from the blog world because of the busy last month. I see I have a lot to catch up on!

    1. i've missed your posts, dear friend. :)
      sending you a gentle hug across the miles..
      and hoping to mosey your way in a couple years
      or three when the hubs retires. :)

  8. Beautiful and lovely, as is everything you post. Thanks for always leaving me smiling when I visit your blog
    Much love


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