14 January 2016

the gift not readily seen.

"the gift was . . 
being given 
a chance to go beyond 
my perceived limits.."  
~joan anderson

that which i thought impossible,
is possible in the light of
Him being my strength,
enabling me to
go beyond my


 isn't that picture a hoot?! 
found it on a google search where it led nowhere as a source.


Adrienne said...

Maybe no one wanted to claim credit for the photo! Love the idea, though. Scaling what seems impossible.

Deanna Rabe said...

Its amazing where He takes us....



Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, that picture is too funny. Love it, Sherry.


Sherry said...

okay i admit. it's me. scaling over that wall. right. well, not so but let's go with it anyway. wink.

Sherry said...

simply. amazing. love. :)

Sherry said...

i giggled good when i saw it. :)

elizabeth said...

Love this!

Sherry said...

a simple truth smacked me upside the head. :)

Jonell Harrison said...

Laughing and smiling really big...and thinking how I would love to spend a whole day with you.

Sherry said...

fair warning.. the day would start at 4am. still want to? wink.