07 January 2016

to wait.

"In your waiting place, cling to the  hope that never once has our God left our story unfinished and un-redeemed. It may not look  how we expected but, as with Ruth and Naomi, our story is His story - - - it was then and it will be in years to come. 
We are only to wait, to trust, to obey."

from She Reads Truth is the background for the above quote .. click here to read ::

dear friends, while we're forever wanting to know the why and how of deeply personal situations, we're not called to understand the difficult paths. we're called to obey. 
a needful reminder ..
{for me}

until next time,

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scriptural passage added by sherry..


Deanna Rabe said...

The waiting is so hard. I like to know, do, fix. He sometimes says, "No, wait." Trusting God, waiting on Him grows us and builds our faith, but its not easy.



Anonymous said...

You are as precious silver dear lady!! Brought forth beautiful. I am not sure how i can *love* someone i ain't never met, but i do. I love you and SO wish i could help with the answer. (actually with more than that!!!) Yes, you are so so right obedience is what HE has called us to. And, in your obedience you are glorifying Him. Prayers dear sister for peace, grace, mercy, and hope. warm hugs~tammy

Sherry said...

yep. i'm a fixer but can't fix this. it's all His... and that is a burden lifted though the consequence of carrying it leaves an impression. thankful He's teaching me this lesson - again and again cuz i'm a slow learner. apparently.

Sherry said...

you're such a special gal, tammy.
i so appreciate your spirit and spunk,
your prayers and your warm hugs across the miles.

Adrienne said...

A beautiful reminder!

Adrienne said...

A beautiful reminder.

Burlap Luxe said...

The beauty in knowing you Sherry is to love you.
Yes, obedience is the path to take... it will lead you to the land of promises, he promises to all who obey his word. This post I understood the moment I read the scriptured quote, I pray all the love and obedience you show and share will be answered with nothing less then what you need to hear.

You are a blessing to know and call friend.


Burlap Luxe said...

Empty and fullness the book of Ruth.

Blessed we are with your fullness.


Sherry said...

always always .. even if not presently experiencing challenge, a challenge is around the corner so this is a ready reminder for all of us. hugs.

Sherry said...

you hiccuped. :)

Sherry said...

the rebel in me prefers disobedience..
He knows me well - as such He brings me to my knees. often.

Sherry said...

i haven't spent great time in Ruth ..
that's changing.

Anonymous said...

all of this post resonates with me!! passing through waters, rivers, fire, and flames in patience with you. Amen. <3

Sherry said...

{{{{{ ♥ }}}}}
lifting you in prayer. always.

elizabeth said...

A perfect reminder for me, too.

A Joyful Cottage said...

The dreaded "w" word. Good thing our Heavenly Father is a perfect Abba Father who only wants the best for us. Knowing this makes the waiting more palatable for me. Still not an easy thing to do though. xo

Sherry said...

ready reminders in my world .. thankful it spoke to you as well, elizabeth.

Sherry said...

kind of ranks up there with the 'p' word. patience.

Red Rose Alley said...

Sherry, this is so beautiful, and a gentle reminder. Thank you. I love that first picture and will show my daughters it one day. :) So glad I found your blog.


Sherry said...

i'm thankful to have found your blog as well, sheri. :)
and based on your visits to NorCal sites, we live very
close to one another. serendipity.

Miss Michelle said...

*sings* "Trust & obey for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust & obey!" ^_^

Sherry said...

i can't imagine going through this or any heart wrenching challenge, without Jesus' embrace and leading.