21 January 2016

yo! senior discount.

so in the mail was a
special offer to receive
a subscription for
southern living
coastal living ..
both publications for a year.
price? $10 ! total. 

all i had to do was sign on the dotted
line, admitting i am what they refer
to as .. a SENIOR CITIZEN!
company policy dictates what age
is considered for senior citizen status.
so i figured southern living is
desperate if they're making this offer
available to folks of a tender age
of 34. it's of concern. but, i signed
on the dotted line anyway and am 
awaiting my magazines 
with bated breath. 

by the way,
i am 34. 
and i'll soon celebrate my 24th
anniversary of that age.
.new math.
.so there.


Deanna Rabe said...

Sounds like Common Core to me, yo!


Sherry said...

ooohh my goodness .. don't GET me started on cc!

Cheryl said...

And here I thought I didn't like the new math. I do, I do like the new math! :D

Sherry said...

amazing how this former homeschool mama (that would be me) is open to the dark side of math. hehe

Red Rose Alley said...

I would definitely take the senior citizen discount hahaha. How nice that you will get a subscription to Southern Living Magazine soon. It sounds like a delightful one. I've been wanting to get a few magazines for the new year myself.

Have a splendid weekend. Love that picture. :)


Adrienne said...

It's amazing! Senior citizens are getting younger every year!

Sherry said...

southern living magazine is a personal favorite even if i'm not a southern girl. they just look at my california subscription request and say, "well bless her pea pickin' heart." .. and send it to me. :)

try as we might, we're unable to convince the ticket clerk at the movie theater that we're senior citizens. i guess it's 65 there and we don't look 65. sigh.

Sherry said...

depending on who you talk to, yep!

Burlap Luxe said...

I often buy both of these issues... I guess my subscription order was over looked due to my young senior age. Love your math darling, I am always reminded by my daughter when she was 10 years old when she told me on my birthday that I was still NEW!
You go girl with your NEW-NESS! in age.



Miss Michelle said...

Huh. I'm gainin' on ya! I'll be the dreaded big 3-0 this year. ;) And it's strange but parts of me are looking forward to it...and other parts...

Good deal on the mags! Southern Living is one of my faves as well.:)

Sherry said...

every day is a NEW day so every day you're NEW. :)

Sherry said...

dEarMissMichelle... i was 30 when i married. :)

Anonymous said...

Yo girl!!! You crack me up!! Thankful :-) ~tammy

Sherry said...

wink ;)

the uncommon pearl said...

Got my AARP card in the mail as a ***special birthday*** wish. It promptly went in the trash. It's only a number ;).

However, bring on the discounts!!!

Sherry said...

consider The Association of Mature American Citizens..