23 March 2016

beef on beans, & the canine companion.

and other times when the opportunity presents,
a beef patty - formed with lots of herbs, 
egg, and crumbs, is just the thing. 
grilled to perfection, we added a slice of
muenster while still on the cooker. mmm.
luncheon plate, ranch beans, cheesed patty,
carmelized onions ..............
and a fresh veggie plate on the side to share.

evelyn the precious pooch had her annual exam this morning. so at 9am she excitedly entered my suburban assault vehicle and off we went. truth be told, she had no idea where we were going but golly gee to be in the car going somewhere was a thrill to be sure! i parked at the vet office, got out and opened the back door only to find her in a position and place where i couldn't coax her out of the car. no way. no how. so in to the vet office i went, leash in hand. no evelyn. i announced i brought evelyn and showed them the empty leash. they were a bit confused because evelyn wasn't with me. after some 'splaining i grabbed a 'cookie' and went back outside and to the car. that did the trick. she walked slow {{i'm certain the dirge was playing}} and started nervously dancing when the doc came in. necessary prodding, probing, and pins (shots), some required information offered (she has the beginning of cataracts, has hip dysplasia, and needs to lose a few pounds) and heart worm Rx dispensed .. and evie couldn't get out of there fast enough!!! she pulled her leash in a quick quest to get out of dodge!!! she's a silly old girlie. once home a long drink was drunk, piddle in her backyard surroundings, and a long nap. 
all is right in her world.

she turns 11 on may 1. 
there may be a birthday party in the works.


Deanna said...

She's a pretty pup and turning 11 doesn't happen every day. Hope you do have a birthday party for her. Home sweet home it is.

I will email you.

Susan said...

Sweet doggy! Bless her heart, truly.

My old boy lived to be 15 - right up to the end he'd try to be macho at the vet and act like he was fine. Boy, I miss that fella.

Your Evelyn is precious.

Anonymous said...

Your Evelyn is 1 yr and 1mnth older than my Elsie!! I can see in my E that her eyes are starting to get cloudy :-(. She too had to loose a little weight :-)!! I love this pooch, wanted to get a puppy for her to train. We must do braces for the 14yo boy tho. Maybe next year. ~sometimes a burger is just the thing!! yours looks aMAzing!! And i love that chair your E is nappin upon!! continuin to pray~tammy

Sherry said...

she's a pretty pup who loves her lovies and brushies. :)

Sherry said...

15! that's a good long life.. :)
we had a yellow labrador named katie .. she lived until 12. we're hoping evelyn lives beyond that age. she's a wonderful companion.

Sherry said...

elsie is your pups name? i love that!
what breed is she? is she an energetic sort
or more docile?

that chair? such a find. at a consignment shop
in a town nearby. saw it. fell in love. called
the hubby to see if it were possible and he said
yes. funny though - it has become HER chair. sigh...

Deanna Rabe said...

I made burgers last night for Tim, Kyle and I. The girls were off playing ultimate frisbee and snacking at Chick-fil-A.

Your sweet Evelyn makes me miss our Sadie. We are not yet ready for a new dog, but I am giving serious consideration to an older dog. Not sure I want to do the puppy thing again!

copperswife said...

Our Dixie will be sometime in the next couple of weeks. She's a big ol' lab mix, with and increasing number of lumps and bumps and we have a gem of a vet who oooohs and aaaahhhhs over what a pretty girl she is and just, ever so matter of factly says "you'll know when those lumps and bumps start bothering her". I know how much you love your Evelyn, cuz we love our Dixie much the same! Give Evelyn a head pat for me and tell her, "Happy birthday".

Sherry said...

i don't believe i could ever do the puppy thing .. at my age. bah! ;)

Sherry said...

not looking forward to those lumpy bumpy happenings affecting dixie .. or evelyn. evie has little ones....in lots of places.

Adrienne said...

Yummy burgers! Love what you did with them and paired them with. Great inspiration. Poor Evie - that annual physical isn't something I look forward to with great anticipation but somehow I'm always 'dragged' out of the car! We had a doggie named Patty who loved life - except when we pulled into the vet's parking lot. You would have thought we were going to the guillotine! My little Joey goes with joy because he has never had a procedure done that's worth remembering. He thinks he's going in so everyone else can see HIM!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my, this looks good, Sherry. Everything tastes better with caramelized onions. Nel cooks the onions first before making my mom's tasty enchiladas. Evelyn looks so peaceful just sitting there on the chair.

Happy Easter to you, dear Sherry.


Burlap Luxe said...

So hard to drag ourselves into the doctors, and to have to drag our beloved fur-babies in is just that much more challenging, the reward is keeping them healthy... Our I.G ( Italian GreyHound) named Pia-Bleu, goes in this week for an exam and shots. Never a happy time, and we make sure we give her a reward.
Your reward was this wonderful beef meal, big fan of beans over her. Love making baked beans and slow cooker beans. Your bowl of beans yum! And your Evelyn looks as comfy as can be, beautiful setting here.

See you soon dear

Sherry said...

very tasty burgers w/o the bun. :) enough for the hub's lunch today and one in the freezer on an 'as needed' basis. :)

little joey's so cute there's no doubt everyone goes ga-ga over him.

Sherry said...

we're onion lovers. and **thank you** for the fact that Nel cooks the onions before making enchiladas!!! i mean HELLO!?! offers a wonderfully rich yet mild flavor.

i didn't get a nap today .. evelyn did though. evelyn always gets a nap. ;)

Sherry said...

i'm not a fan of going to the doc and anymore i make an appt only when it's absolutely necessary. like last september with the appendix thingy.

evelyn rec'd loads of lovies, brushies, snugglies. more than usual. ;)

Anonymous said...

Elsie is a Golden also!!! <3 Very layed back and mellow. Love Goldens!!!

Susan said...

I hope so, too.

If TLC counts, she'll be with you a few more years. My boy was a mutt, which helps!

Shirley said...

Poor baby was traumatized but I'm glad they had a cookie for her even though it was used to coax her out! I didn't know her birthday was May 1! We're having a birthday party for Cagney & Lacey (1 year old) so maybe you can come to theirs and we'll go to Evelyn's! I look forward to seeing you next week too!

Sherry said...

can't wait to see you this week!!!!!!!!!!!
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ ♥ }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}