28 March 2016

g'morning & Easter dinner.

10 of us sat cozily in our kitchen, around our dinner table plus an extra table. mismatched chairs, a length off fabric as the tablecloth, the good silver, vintage cream*ware dishes and equally vintage water glasses. for sure we'd love a big dining room, but this works. and yesterday for Easter dinner? worked just fine, 
like every gathering of friends and family. 

i didn't take many pictures. once things got rolling i barely thought of it - but i did take a few you might like to see. 
of food. and flowers. buffet style.

angel'd eggs. cuz i don't like the term devil'd eggs. 
yolks mixed with mayo, dijon, vinegar, italian parsley, smoked paprika, pepper, and a parsley leaf on top. yUm.

simple settings. 

the planked salmon was delish.

when all but one guest took their leave, the 3 remaining (the hubs, the guest, the me) made ourselves comfy on the living room couch and chair. conversation flowed while Vivaldi played on the stereo. i fell asleep. learned this morning that i fell asleep hard :: 
mouth open & most likely drooling. cuz i'm classy like that.

busy day today .. readying for a trip south.
just me. for important things. super important. then bringing my mom home with me for a few days. looking forward . . .

:: here's our Resurrection Day menu ::

graber's olives
tres pickles
nut selection

planked chipotle salmon
sweet potato mash
spring salad
fruit bowl
angel eggs

cheesecake & berries
coffee / tea

*     *     *


Deanna said...

Delicious menu. Wonderful meal. Sounds perfect.

Jeanne said...

Happy Easter Monday I love all of y our postings
Blessings of Spring
Love Jeanne

Anonymous said...

love it!

Cheryl said...

Your Resurrection Day dinner sounds delicious! I had to smile at your "angel'd eggs." One year, our grandson insisted that they be called "Jesus eggs." :)

I love your clusters of daffodils in Mason jars!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Pretty table setting and the Angel eggs and Salmon look ever so yum wonderful. Beautiful Daffodils.

Burlap Luxe said...

What a wonderful dinner Sherry,
We had spicy shrimp, grilled chicken and pasta.
A blessed Easter you entertained.
Love the desert cheesecake and berries, a favorite.

See you and all your classiness soon, wouldn't miss out on one funny thing you write, or a big tease with your foodie postings.


Sherry said...

it *was* rather good. :)
nice day all around.

Sherry said...

hoping your easter day was lovely in every way jeanne :)

Sherry said...

thank you :)

Sherry said...

i love how the daffodil stems can be seen in the jars. such pretty flowers, aren't they? :)

Sherry said...

the spicy bite of the salmon paired well with the natural sweetness of the sweet potato mash. :)

Sherry said...

spicy shrimp, chicken, and pasta? sounds like a winner!
the classy one .. wink

the uncommon pearl said...

This all looks and sounds delicious...and I know some of those names that gathered <3.It looked to be a beautiful day in so many ways.

Do share your plank chipotle salmon recipe! We are trying to eat more fish and I would love a new taste on salmon. :)

Pleasant and safe travels, my friend. Enjoy each moment with your Mom!

Adrienne said...

LOVE your table setting! The menu sounds perfect but the visit with dear folks even better. I helped with worship at the little country church - a treat, for sure, for me. Then home to dinner from the crockpot and salad and dessert prepared the day before. Things need to be simple when my dear mother comes to partake - simple, not spicy and easy to chew! A sweet time for her and for us.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful table, beautiful food, beautiful reason to celebrate!! Love that you felt comfortable with your guest to relax to sleep!! Thank you for sharin :-) !!!!~tammy