09 March 2016

let them eat cake.

Marcella's Butter Almond Cake

for the recipe.
you should also buy 
{and read}
her book :: Stir

you'll thank me.


  1. This looks amazing, Sherry. I love anything with almonds. One of Nel's wedding cakes was an Amaretto Almond, and it was so good. I wish I had a piece of this to go with my coffee this morning. :)


    1. the cake freezes very well .. i cut mine into serving size pieces, wrap tight with plastic wrap, then put them in a baggy. :)

  2. Some days I miss desserts like this.....

    1. i'll bet! but seeing how successful you've been on this food plan and the fact you DO eat some yummy treats (on plan) is of comfort. is it not? please say it is cuz i'm really trying to cut down on my sugars. haha

  3. We've cut out 99% of refined sugar from our diet. It's been over a year and except for 78 - 86% dark chocolate we don't eat sweets. Recently I ate a friend's chocolate chip cookie just to be polite and it tasted weird to me. It wasn't her baking. She's an excellent baker, I just can't abide anything sweet now. That makes me very happy, because I feel so much better having eliminated sugar and gluten from my diet. Your cake is pretty though, on a lovely cake plate. Great photography, my friend! xo


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