02 March 2016

salad. yes, salad. again.


ahh yes .. back to a food post.
it's safer than emotionally driven rants
of a couple three days ago.

into a bowl add some 3 bean salad, sliced yellow and burgundy carrots (at a diagonal so they're pretty), scallion (just the greens), a few good turns of black pepper, and a couple handfuls or five of your choice in greens making sure it isn't iceberg lettuce (yech..). give it a good toss and add a little bit of your favorite dressing. consume. yUm.

what's your favorite salad?
tell me please.
i need a few ideas.


Deanna said...

The older I get, the more I like greens especially salads. I don't have a fav salad, but think we can make wonderful salads with a little of this and a little of that. Your salad looks great. I am old fashioned and usually use orange carrots. Will have to try other types of carrots.

Adrienne said...

Sounds delightful! My favorite salad is a mix of shredded brussels sprouts, kale and assorted cruncy greens with dried cranberries, pine nuts and a yummy dressing of some sort.

Burlap Luxe said...

I am up late, had a long day, and ending it with some reading in hopes it would help me relax and drift off to sleep.
As for your salad it's great looking, and I happen to eat plenty of them. I tip on a SALAD DRESSING I love to taste on all my salads is a sweet but tart and healthy one as well.

Here it is,, I don't measure because it's really to taste and taste varies.

One or two lemons juiced
A couple cloves of grated fresh garlic
Olive oil
Honey to the right sweetness, not to sweet and a little on the tart side of its counter part the lemon juice.
A bit of cracked black pepper.
Stir or shake in a dressing shaker beaker and pour to your heart's desire and toss. It's a big hit when I make a great salad and use this dressing, they forget to eat and fill up on my salad.


Burlap Luxe said...

Here is my comment on your previous post as to you feeling cluttered in your living room....

HI Sherry, disagree, it does not feel to cluttered to me! And I do move things around but not as much in this home due to the lack of balanced space to do so. I so wish I had my grand room in my last home where I could float a sofa in the middle of a room if I wished to do so.
So here in this home if I move something it's and end table from one side to the other, or remove the piece from the room to bring in another piece for that change.

As for clutter, sometimes a room colour can do just that, make it feel cluttered, because paint colour is a replacement in designs for bare walls and the lack of things on the walls and in the room, it instantly fills a room without a thing in it. As for making a room feel larger and less cluttered is to lighten the walls to almost nothing in the way of colour. This is why I used all white throughout my small cottage of 1,400 sq feet.
It made it feel less cluttered, and more open with light.
My favorite quote you used here and I use it often. It's really a French philosophy to how they live.

Love the shutters on the wall, I am asumming they hide the flatscreen TV. Great move, now could you imagine this room all white? And how the shutters would melt away into the wallscape with the fireplace and window trim, this room would open up and breathe, it's space would feel like a lot less is going on. Could you handle a white room? I could see this as a choice to feel like there is less clutter....
Your white pieces would disappear, and the dark pieces will demand attention as to the only pieces in the room. I could see this room white. Yet I also love your choice in colour, coming from a designer who always designs with colour in model homes which often demand colour as a selling point of design, but my own home, where after working with so much colour I need to come home to what I know to be quieter and restful and oh so worn and weathered with whites and pale woods.

It just might inspire your space, and the newly painted hutch and buffet.

PS... I am working with grain sack and butter yellow ticking and bold washed out strips for pillow shams. See I do like your yellow, I just wanted to bring up how a room feels with color on the walls.
My pillows will anchor a room of white with grey's and blacks and even blues. Very easy on the rooms space.


Sherry said...

kitchen sink salads (a little this and that) are many times THE best ever.

Sherry said...


Sherry said...

will try your dressing.. thank you!

Sherry said...

interesting take on wall color. hm. i'd LOVE to have white walls. better yet, vanilla. cream. not stark white. next house? vanilla cream. yup. hands down. in time, sooner or later not sure, we'll be selling our home and relocating. time will tell. but vanilla cream walls are in the plan!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Mixed spring greens, chopped apples & walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese, with a raspberry vinaigrette. To make it a main dish salad add sliced chicken breast. Oh, so good!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, your salads always make me want to prepare one myself. This looks so Yummy. My mom always put kidney beans in her salad, so this made me think of her. To answer your question......my favorite salad is with butter lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, hard boiled eggs, a little cheese, and sunflower seeds sprinkled on top with balsamic vinegar dressing. :)

I hope we get some rain this weekend!


Burlap Luxe said...

Cream walls yes, yes! A perfect trade off for a lack of colour. My last home had cream walls and natural toned furniture pieces with pops of apple green furniture pieces, yes colour!
As for selling your home, being in the business of staging, if this something you want to seriously look into the number one thing to do to a home for a quick resale is a fresh coat of a neutral paint, and shade of white to a darker white. A fresh clean pallet will bring more money to the table in offers. It makes your home less personal and the buyer can see the home as their fresh palet to do as they wish.

Don't worry about what you may feel is clutter, I don't see this rooms space as one bit of clutter! It's well organized and has the perfect amount of charm.

I visited Rue and her home off and on, don't you just love the way she ties in all her colour, similar to your tones.

See you soon dear,


Deanna Rabe said...

I'm a salad kinda girl. I love to fill a salad with what I call the basics - romaine, spring mix, red onion, multi colored sweet peppers, tomatoes, grated cheese and then? The sky's the limit! You have fabulous recipes always!

Sherry said...

oh yUm. will make this (but use feta for mine, gorgonzola for his). thank you!~

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Sherry your salad looks like a total yum. I am a salad lover and today I have been craving a baby spinach with fresh strawberries tossed with a poppy seed dressing.

Sherry said...

i have all those ingredients ... this salad will go well with a grilled steak. today the hubby returns home from elvis-land. what a nice welcome this will be... :)

Sherry said...

vanilla cream .. next time the hubs goes on a business trip, i may have to begin a project. wink. or.........we'll wait a while and take on the project together. he is rather taller than me and can easily reach. :)

Sherry said...

sweet peppers.. mmm!
the more color in a salad the tastier!

Sherry said...

so good i'd even have it for breakfast!!!