17 April 2016

♥ 21,170 ♥

today is my hub's birthday.
21,170 days he has lived ..
& almost 10,220 has been
spent with me as his wife.

i love most every thing about him.
his wacky silliness ..
his bent humor ..
his faithful walk with Christ ..
his kindness ..
his patience ..
his linear mind ..
his grilling skillz ..
his imperfections ..
his wisdom & logic ..
& how he retrieves things
from high places. just for me.
oh. and his blue eyes .. ♥

his daring adventures ..

adventures spent with me ..
on the coast or mountains ..
with one of our 
vintage beauties on wheels ..

on long stretches of highway we're silly together.
this particular stretch was the incredibly exciting
I80 across the state of nevada. we were headed to breckenridge for a jeep adventure. oh joy. wink.

and our swOonie affection .. 

here's to oh so many more special days 
with the most wonderful man 
i've ever known. i ♥ you so.

your happy wife


  1. Happy Birthday wishes to your hubs with those gorgeous Blue eyes.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband, Sherry! Wow, that picture of the truck rolling down the mountain, that's amazing......and scary! Wishing him a wonderful day with his special wife.


    1. his jeep can do amazing things because he knows how to handle it. scary stuff to me but for him it's an adrenaline rush. :) we enjoyed burgers, cake, and a couple war movies. and i took a nap.

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby. Wishing him - and you - many more years of adventure and faith and answered prayer!

  4. A happy belated birthday to your hubby! You are so very blessed, and so is he ;).


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