12 April 2016

garden & grub.

a view from the other direction..
we love the amount of leafy
green things in our yard.
this little view of the courtyard
is especially pretty to us.

during mom's visit i bought this vinyl tablecloth. 
i love the muted tones and that it has a zipper. 

and dinner two nights past..
grilled chops & asparagus,
kraut, on a little bed of
whipped potatoes.

it's a cool'ish day today
and i'm relishing that fact.
errands, a bit of laundry,
organize my desk area (ugh),
and do my nails all purty like.

tonight's dinner is baked fish
with roasted veggies. will share
a pic soon .. and a recipe.



  1. Sherry, your back yard is so lush and green and pretty. And RED flowers get to me every time. These are lovely. I had some spots on my yellow roses so had to get rid of the leaves and prune the branches. A lot of work, and I don't know when my roses will grow back. Gardening can be nice, but a lot of work too. This meal looks delicious. I haven't had kraut in a long time.

    I'd love to see your painted nails. Mine are short, and I admire women with long nails. :)


    1. roses are hardy plants - your yellow rose will grow back and even thank you for making her healthy again. pruning roses IS hard work...and is so much like US being pruned by HIM. hugs.

      my nails are rather short .. ;)

  2. What a pretty garden and space. I've always loved and dream with a brick wall...


    1. i'd love to have a brick wall inside my home.
      such a dream. :) thank you for visiting.

  3. I agree..your courtyard is especially pretty. I have no pretty patio yet in central Illinois, because the temps have been freezing at night lately and it's too early to be pretty. This is something I miss about Texas. I'm sitting here in my sweats thinking I need to turn up the heat and drink something hot!

    1. do you still have snow? i remember winter springs in northern illinois .. on easter we'd wear our pretty easter dresses, bonnets, and shoes, and carry our easter purses. then over everything wear our winter coats leaving our little legs to freeze. i also remember many a halloween dressed up in a costume while wearing a winter coat over it - and rain boots - dragging our candy-laden pillowcases behind us. good times. i'll send some warmer weather your way but golly it's only 65 as a high today here.

  4. What a gorgeous patio!! ~ swoon ~ And a yummy dinner!! Lucky Mom who has come for a visit! :)

    1. mommy-dear didn't partake of that meal .. she's already home in her pretend tuscan villa. but she enjoyed a few other meals that turned out rather delish. :)

  5. I love your courtyard! Very swoony!

    1. every area of our yard is my favorite but this might be one of my favorite favorites. ;)

  6. Beautiful I am so happy when I read your blog postings
    Love Jeanne

  7. OH Sherry yes what a view from the other side !
    The Ivy, the climbers that cascade over the beautiful brick that has taken on the salt of the earth.
    What an oasis to dine in, and dinner? I need to stay home, cook more, and dine in more often. It's really all about a good meal and the beauty we surround ourselves with that inspires a life well lived.

    See you soon dear.


    1. make real food, plate prettily, consume slowly.
      makes all the difference. ;)

  8. Your courtyard is heavenly. Your geranium is glorious! Dinner looks delish. We've been eating a lot of asparagus here. Love it. Happy Saturday, Sherry. Hugs, Nancy

  9. I just about dropped to my knees at the sight of your geranium!. My favorite patio plant and favorite color. It will be a couple of weeks before we can put anything out. Lucky you! Corinne


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