22 April 2016


this is a quick recipe ..
served alongside a leafy green salad,
you have a feast for folks at your table.

here's the ingredients you'll need
to gather together keeping 
in mind that i don't measure :::

pasta (i used barilla protein plus)
italian sausage (i used hot)
mushrooms (white)
bell peppers
hot pepper flakes (a tiny pinch)
parmesan (fresh shaved)

let's begin with the pasta. put your pasta in a pan and just barely cover with water. this will cook the pasta and you won't have to waste water. when the water is almost gone, it's done. 
remove the pan from fire and set aside.

remove the sausage from the casings and fry it up in a nonstick pan. when it's just about half done add the bell peppers, onions, garlic, and hot pepper flakes. keep it cooking until everything is cooked through. put the meat mixture in a bowl 
and return the pan to the fire. 

into the meat mixture pan add the mushrooms. because the sausage left a sweet amount of fat in the pan while cooking, you won't need to add any olive oil. use your judgement.

on high heat, saute and toss the shrooms until they resemble the ones in the picture above. for the love of everything holy please don't overcook your shrooms ... any vegetable really. ugh.

into a large bowl put the sausage mixture, shrooms, and pasta.

toss .. gently .. but well.

put a good spoonful or two in a pretty bowl and sprinkle with fresh shaved parmesan. mmmmm.

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Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, this looks amazing, Sherry. The mushrooms really make it. You know, Italian food is my all-time favorite, so this caught my eye right away. Thanks for the recipe.