07 April 2016

things. & thinkings.

my trip to southern california was filled with much to-do's. the first night i broke up the long trek by staying with friends who used to live in northern california. i've named their house *the home of peace* for peace was offered and experienced. i've also dubbed their home *the mejia b&b* cuz the lodgings were lovely, comfy, restful, and every other thing considered the best. especially their company. 

on to the inland empire, i met up with some very important peoples with whom i have a great number of things in common, including my husband's and my "situation" with our daughter. same thing for them .. and their daughter/sister. our time was emotional, constructive, and validating. as shared with them, not enough time to finish thoughts and suggestions. that can only mean more time .. without measure .. in the future. hopefully soon. we've met a number of the families face to face .. still more to go. that would mean travel. and towing our trailer place to place. i'm in! we're in! might have to make it a centralized 'reunion' of sorts. will need to plan a central point of the USA and seek out the perfect site using VRBO ensuring about 500 bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms. or thereabouts. sounds like a plan we should plan.

i brought my mother home with me .. kicking and screaming. in 4 days time she read 2 thick books. seriously. she's a voracious and speedy reader like me. or i'm like her. i like that commonality.  we went thrifting and homegood'ing. we bought junque. she bought junque that wouldn't fit into her suitcase. so i'm bringing it down in may .. after i paint a certain chair and recover a certain footstool, and make room for the other stuff she gathered for her pretty home in a part of southern california that looks out from her terrace onto tuscany. well, not really cuz it's southern california .. but the view is just as lovely. i'm sure of it. 

i was taught by mom early on about junking, gathering junque, thrifting, upcycling. when i shared with the hubs my surprise over filling up (just a little bit) his garage again .. he said, 
"the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." 

for the past number of weeks we've received countless (really...countless!!) calls from health insurance providers asking for our daughter so they could quote a health insurance package. each time we've asked them to remove our number from their data base for we haven't seen our daughter in over 4 years. you really have NO idea how this has effected us to continually be reminded that our daughter has no contact with us and that she may be in need! like we aren't reminded every waking moment as it is..... and it has really taken a toll.

i'm part of a bible study at church .. 
warren wiersbe's study called Be Mature ..
and realizing how i'm not entirely .. mature .. spiritually.
what an eye opener. what a heart opener.

remember this teardrop? the 50s benroy style homebuilt barn find? yes, that one. in the picture. the hubs rebuilt it, flipped the axle and put on big ole honkin' wheels/tires. coming to terms with not using it as he had hoped, he wanted to sell it so i listed it knowing that the odds of selling in its current rebuild - very well wouldn't appeal to the vintage trailer glampy folks even though it's a vintage teardrop. ultimately (um...finally) he gave it to me. wink. we'll (um...he'll) be flipping the axle to its original position as well as replacing the gargantuan wheels/tires with those of more an original size. oh and change out the brake lights to some adorably vintage. and then..............? my work will begin in earnest ::: the interior will receive a redo, namely adding antique ceiling tile to a couple walls, changing out linens, removing guy style pictures and replacing with roses etc, changing out the bedding, changing out the kitchen supplies to make way for glamour. and the creme de la creme? repainting the exterior. just wait. juuuuust wait. big smile. a new project. like i need another. the opportunity for a bit of quick and easy girl glamping with friends and tow girlz is a plus. excited about this project. 

:: and prayer requests ::

i have two brothers in law.
one {ron} has ongoing challenges 
with a deep bone infection.
his wife is #3 of 4 sisters. 
please continue praying!
for him .. and for her.

* * * * *
the other {rich} has been diagnosed with a severe health concern. his wife (#1 of 4 sisters) has requested that i not share the nature of the concern. i'm asking instead that you would pray as the Lord leads. a vital decision need be made in about a week - 
with treatment following soon after.
pray for him .. and for her.

*  *  *  *  *


  1. Having only this internet connection how can I know: ANYWAY 'reading you' leads me to say I'm guessing you are one incredibly unique, fascinating fun lady Who would challenge me in so many ways [
    in real life :) ]

    1. i've been called 'quirky.'

  2. Glad you are home safely and your trip... a mix of very emotional and refreshing ( picking up your Momma), I am sure. Praying for your requests. Health trial I think are one of the hardest. :(
    Looking forward to seeing your sweet touch upon the tear drop....and well no offence to the hubs, but the massive monster size tires just had to go ;). I'm with ya!

    1. thank you for backing me up ('bout the monster tires).
      us girlies must stick together .. but in this case it's
      a no-brainer.

  3. So loved reading this post. The photo of your travels made me wish I could travel that way! Praying for your dear ones and decisions in process. Can't wait to see your sweet, little trailer. We should meet up somewhere - it would seem 'strange' that my little trailer would be the giant in the camp.

    1. i should say, dear Ad, that meeting up with you will be done with the boles, not the teardrop. the teardrop - once refurbed and enjoyed a little bit - will most likely be adopted out. that would leave us as a one-trailer family. not sure how i feel about that.

  4. Praying for you and these prayer concerns that are on your heart.

  5. Dear Sherry, So grateful and honored to pray for you and yours. So many many things goin on in your life. I love that you are in Bible study. W. Wiersbe is good. Having an actual study helps me to focus SO much on God!!! Lord bless you and all your walkin in. ~tammy

    1. i'm behind in my study by one lesson...
      and just now realized i didn't make it to this morning's study!
      but yes, having an actual study helps me to focus as well. :)
      thank you for praying!!!

  6. Many prayers for all your shared concerns.

    I'd love to go thrifting/junquing with you sometime! One day! We'll meet in person and I'll hug you tight and we'll laugh and cry, and laugh and cry some more.

    Lots of love, my friend....

    1. i wish that time was sooner rather than later.
      big hugs .. love you mucho.

  7. Dropped by to check in. You are one of about 4 left on my blogging buddy list from days of yore, and I always love to see what's happening in your space. Sorry things continue in the realm of family, reminds me to pray for you. Your compassion for others if a good lesson for me, as these things don't always happen to 'someone else'.
    Take care of you. You're important to many.

    1. hugs!
      most everyone has 'some thing' that brings them to their
      knees - at some time in their lives. this is just mine.
      and my knees are sore. partly cuz i'm getting older
      but that's another subject for another time.

  8. Sherry, I'm so sorry that you have a heavy heart concerning your daughter. Yes, that would be so hard not being in contact and wondering and worrying about her. I will also say a prayer for your brother-in-laws.

    Your vintage trailer is just so cute. You are going to make it look darling. Enjoy your mother's time with you. Is she staying there for a visit or permanently? Your trip to So Cal sounds like it was a productive one. There's always something fun to do there. I lived there for two years, and it was a happy time.

    This picture of the kids is too funny. And the quote "I have learned to kiss the wave" sounds like my life right now, doesn't it?

    Hang in there, Sherry. And keep going to Bible Study. Once a week, I meet with a friend, and we pray and talk and talk and pray some more. Prayer always brings peace, my friend.


    1. gentle hugs coming your way, sheri.
      looking forward to getting started on the teardrop,
      if only to camp in her a couple three times then
      put her up for adoption. it's okay. i'm finding it
      a little easier to let go of some things. the creative
      process is a challenging joy. praying for you ...
      thank you for keeping my brothers (in law) in prayer.
      and me. we need to meet up. :)

  9. Sherry my heart connects with you. Be Mature but rejoice in the beauty of thinking young. Lovely post.

    1. {{{hug}}}
      "be mature but rejoice in the beauty of thinking young."
      i'll need to think on that quote of yours, Vera. :)

  10. Blessed April month to you. I bought a baggie at the thrift shop this week which contained a necklace of pearls. Thought of you! Shall see if I can wear them or save the pearls for another day. I have to say Life is full of interest.

    1. a baggie full of pearls...........?!
      oh you blessed soul you.
      jackie'O said, "pearls are always appropriate."

  11. Hi sherry oh so much to connect with here rightfully. Still sending out prayers and blessings for you my dear. As for dragging your mom home with you, it really was a discriptive vision here :)
    As for thrifting and junking and home good-ing you sound as if you have some new imspiring pieces to share with us soon.
    Your peaceful place of rest with the mejia family sounds like our peaceful friends here also Mejia, we must all have mejia friends. As for mature, you have that nailed, it's lack of or otherwise is what makes you all that you are, and we love and adore you for many mature reasons.
    I so enjoy reading your post for so many reasons, one being how you entertain our thoughts as to what your message is... laughing with you, or crying with you, we adore every bit of you.

    My daughter told me once when she was 10 and I told her I was to old, she came back with "No your not old, your still new! "...,,.
    Such wise mature words :)

    See you soon


    1. i know a young gal in my neck of the woods who offers hugs and sweet encouragements like your daughter did/does for you. i'm big time blessed!
      thank you for your kind thoughts.. ♥

  12. So much on your plate, both happy and sad. You wear it all well, no matter what category it fits in. Praying for your brothers-in-law and other concerns in your life. Hugs, Nancy


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