28 April 2016

welcome home.

this silly fur-girlie is thrilled.

home cooked food.
eggs over potatoes, onions, & peppers
with a sprinkle of pancetta
sour cream .. salsa
rich, strong coffee


washing over ..

Let us know, 
Let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD. 
His going forth is established as the morning; 
He will come to us like the rain, 
Like the latter and former rain to the earth.

Hosea 6.3


  1. Oh, those drops of rain on the plants are so pretty, Sherry. And the eggs and potatoes look sooooo good. One of my favorite breakfasts'. Welcome home.....your doggy sure missed you. :)


  2. hi sheri. :) yes, evelyn missed me big time. she doesn't leave my side .. breaks my heart when i go on trips knowing she'll miss me. but her "auntie M" took very good care of her and sent me pictures via text every day. swOon. "auntie M" even left a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on our kitchen table as a welcome. blessed.

  3. Glad you're home!

    Thankful that you share the beauty of your daily life with us!

    1. not all nooks and crannies are beautiful ..
      but i like dwelling on the beauty
      as it uplifts my soul. :)
      thank you.

  4. I'd love to come home to all of that. 😊 Victoria doesn't like for us to leave but our former kitties would give us a look like they were sorry they must share the house again.

    1. your victoria is a princess. and she owns you.
      the sooner you realize our fur babies own us
      (not the other way around) the better off we'll
      be. hehe

  5. Glad you are home safe and sound....
    and a belated happy birthday hug to you too <3

    1. it's good to be home. :)
      and thank you.


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