17 April 2016

what he requested for his birthday dinner.

only the best for the birthday boy..
{{vegetarians may want to avert their eyes}}

:: serious burgers ::
his had a burger patty, fried egg, bacon, sauces, and vegetables. on a pasty white bun. also his choice. i could only eat half of mine and i ate my veggies separate. oh, and we had baked beans. 

and chocolate cake. i made 
the sweetest little cake 
in a 7" diameter spring form pan. 
too cute for words.

we watched a war movie for his fun activity.
i averted my eyes for part of it. 


Unknown said...

Can I have your chocolate cake recipe for this?

Deanna Rabe said...

Your a lovely wife!

We had delicious homemade burgers for dinner tonight. So good - I have mine without a bun, and throw a ton of stuff on top of it. Yummy.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my, those burgers look delicious. I've never heard of fried egg on burgers, how interesting. And the bacon definitely makes it. Yummy chocolate cake. I like that cake server, so pretty. You really went out of your way to make his day a special one.


Sherry said...

i private messaged you, jan. ;)

Jonell Harrison said...

I ALWAYS finish reading your posts...never get distracted or heaven forbid 'bored'...always read every word. You are Y.O.U.NIQUE!