26 May 2016

at table for 5.

recently we hosted a dinner ..
inviting a few parents with daughters
that went to the same program as our
own daughter. how very like God to bring
together those with similar experiences
only to wash blessing over our common
bond. one of the parents was visiting the area
from her native state of washington. 
the other parents live about 30 minutes away.

our meal was simple yet abundant.
our fellowship? now held close to my heart.

i've no pictures of the meal nor of the gorgeous dessert brought by one guest. but i have pictures of the table. so we do have that. 

table for 5.

i found pretty paper napkins
that complemented the tablecloth nicely.

:here's our menu:

i made a quick and simple appetizer of crackers
 alongside a good dollop of 
whipped cream cheese, 
covered with apricot jalapeno preserves.
just the right amount of 'heat'.

our local grocer had rib eye steaks on sale for $6.99 a pound (down from $14.99!) so i chose steak. with a flavorful hand rub the day before grilling, the steaks had time to soak in the seasonings. 
the hubs grilled. the steaks were SO tender.

baked beans.. i made them earlier in the day and put them in the crock pot on the low setting to keep them hot. black forest bacon, bbq sauce, and brown sugar rounded out transforming the (canned) beans to awesome yUmminess.

salad.. small dense heads of romaine in large chunks, with tomatoes, cucumbers, scallion greens, hard boiled egg, a bit of kale, soft croutons, and a choice of dressings.

biscuits.. i made the 7up biscuits and added cheddar cheese and cooked bacon. oh my gracious - how good this was!

i prepared two pitchers .. 
one for iced water (& slices of lime)
one for iced tea (strong)

dessert was an amazing pie with a cookie/chocolate crust, filled with vanilla custard and topped with a beautiful array of perfectly situated fruit slices. it tasted as good as it looked.

*  *  *

our washington state guest spent the night in the backyard cottage .. and left early the next morning for a planned event. so good meeting her.. will be keeping her in prayer.

*  *  *

until next time,


Deanna Rabe said...

Beauty from Ashes - that's what comes to mind when I think of the relationships you've been building through shared grief.

Your table is lovely - the meal sounds perfect - the fellowship sounds perfect.

Thank you for walking in GRACE through this horrific time.

Deanna said...

Sherry, The meal sounds perfect. Happy for you that you have fellowship with like minded parents that have gone through similar things. 7up biscuits....this sounds like something i would like to try. Would you share this?

Deanna said...

ALSO your table is lovely!

Cheryl said...

How like our Lord to provide soul-nourishment for fellow pilgrims. I know that your open home and delicious meal was a blessing.

Debbie said...

Love the table, and the wonderful food you put together. What a blessing for you and for your guests. I'm sure there was no lack of conversation as you shared the time. Hope all is soon healed.

Sherry said...

walking in grace ...
carried in grace.
His grace alone.

Sherry said...

i'll share the 7up biscuit recipe when i'm back next week.. after celebrating my mother's 85th birthday this weekend in SoCal. :)

Sherry said...

simple settings..paper nappikins. it works!

Sherry said...

all glory to Him who sustains and provides ..
for us. for others.

Sherry said...


Patti said...

Opening our home to others is such a joy. I'm sure your guests were abundantly blessed by the love and hospitality you lavished upon them.

The whole meal sounds delish...especially that appetizer.


Burlap Luxe said...

Your place of gathering is a healing place of giving of thanks and blessings that will bestowed upon you.
Your heart is full, and the joy of knowing him....you are right where you need to be. What an honor to be friended with guest and conversation, Faith amoungest friends spitually up-builds...dinner at your table, sounds wonderful.


Jonell Harrison said...

Ohmygoodness, have missed you-almost frantically busy with MAY events & business..our youngest grand daughter's high school graduation (with HONORS, thank you) well, you get the picture-I digress :( so good to get a glimpse of your life again and this post, well it made me wish I were there too! You have "a way" of making what might be ordinary seems grand, festive and memorable ...not to mention delightful and deliciousness~

Adrienne said...

I'm glad you were able to spend time with others who walk the same journey. And most happy to know it was a blessed time. Love your table setting and the menu!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a lovely table setting, Sherry. It's nice to get together with friends once in awhile. The meal sounds delicious. There's nothing like a tender juicy steak. :)


Deanna said...

Hope your Mom has a wonderful birthday. My Mom is 84.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful table, and yummy-sounding menu. Made even tastier with good company. Might have to come visit sometime! <3